FIFA still interested in Guyana Goal Project


[] – After years of stalled work and flimsy excuses, the world governing body for football has confirmed that it is still interested in the wellbeing of the Guyana goal project

The touchy subject was the centre of a visit by FIFA Development Officer Howard McIntosh during the last two days.

FIFA Development Officer Howard McIntosh
FIFA Development Officer Howard McIntosh

The FIFA officer, who hosted a press conference on Monday, indicated that they are still interested in the project, but are concerned over the pace of works.

“We are concerned at the pace, we’d love to see this moving along because our interest, as I indicated, earlier is that we do get the facilities up and running,” McIntosh was quoted as saying.

From the receipt of the goal project grant in 1998 to now, the works done on the facility located at Leonora, West Coast Demerara have been at a turbo charged snail’s pace.

This pace or the lack thereof according to some enthusiasts is the reason that McIntosh visited the country, something he confirmed.

“The specific reason for my visit is to try and get a better handle on the time frame to ensure that things happen as quickly as possible.”

The Jamaican said the land identified by Christopher Matthias led Guyana Football Federation which was given by the Government of Guyana needs a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the federation before FIFA releases the funds.

According to the GFF president, they will be looking to do so as early as this week so that the project can begin.

FIFA will release US$500,000 to begin the first phase of Guyana’s 1st goal project while some countries in the Caribbean are on their forth.




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