Female Police Constable cries to Opposition Leader; “She said her money done” – Felix

Opposition Leader, David Granger [left], Shadow Home Affairs Minister, Winston Felix

Opposition Leader, David Granger [left], Shadow Home Affairs Minister, Winston Felix and one of Granger's body guard behind.
Opposition Leader, David Granger [left] and Shadow Home Affairs Minister, Winston Felix
Kurt Campbell

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former Police Commissioner  and Shadow Home Affairs Minister Winston Felix has once again made calls for police officers to be paid better and attention be given to ensuring promotions are given.

He said a female Police Constable approached him and Opposition Leader David Granger,  during a recent visit to an East Coast Demerara community, crying. The Former Commissioner said the woman complained that her salary was wholly inadequate to provide for herself and family. “She cried, she said she just got pay and her money done… something has to be done about recruitment, remuneration and promotion in the organization,” Felix said.

He was, among other things, giving an assessment of the current state of security in the country during an appearance on the radio program “Hard Talk’ on 90.1 Love FM.

Felix, who agreed that the Force was under-performing, said there was need for a vision, when asked: “what would you have done differently had you been Home Affairs Minister?”

Felix has been a stern critic of the current Minister, Clement Rohee. He hinted that Rohee was vision-less. “First thing the police can’t operate on a piece meal basis. Law enforce must straddle every aspect of life… there is need for consultations to assess the needs and most of all you need a vision.”

When asked if he was suggesting that Rohee was vision-less, he said “I would not want to comment but will leave it up to the people to decide.”

Felix, in his one hour long interview, said there is too much political interference in the operations of the Force. “There was political interference in my time and I spoke out against it.” Felix said Rohee is interfering in the operations of the Force more than Former Minister Gail Teixeira.

“The Police is under-performer,” he stressed. “There are three robberies a day on average, some of which results in deaths. There are interior robberies going unabated.

Issues of piracy is also a need for concern because pirates are being robbed at will without any response from the government… trafficking in persons and narcotics trafficking along with gun running and money laundering all show the need for better protection.”

Felix recalled the no – confidence motion that the opposition had brought against Rohee in the National Assembly.

Felix also used the time to clear his own name. He rubbished accusations that he was responsible for and presided, as Police Commissioner, over a period of extreme criminal activity in the country’s history.

The Former Commissioner said too that prosecutions continue to fail because there are too many cases and too little public prosecutors.




  1. to ann: de single parent mom got foh mek sure dat de maan dat she gat dem picknee fah mine dem picknee . nah de guvment gat foh step in foh mine dem picknee . every bady gat foh laarn foh balance dem budget.

  2. If mr Ron was a police and a single parent mom as that, who have to travel distance to go work ,have bill to pay and food to purchase he would have talk different

  3. these pnc people have absolute no shame…imagine they are so stupid that they have men like basil williams and winston felix representing them in parliament..the rajah tape says it all about these two individuals..u bet if it were members of ppp talking like that and was caught on tape you will have seen the PNC prayer people praying in front of their homes and in front of their offices..thats a new pnc thing now –pray-ing-prayers ehehehe

  4. Well Ms Policewoman you need to take a course in budgeting.
    If you spend your money before the month ends, you will always have more month left.
    Mr Felix should have asked you where your money went. You obviously are paid well to earn a decent living and do not have to do the ‘leff’ or ‘write’ routine.
    If you have children, then the children’s father needed to pay support.
    If you are in traffic, please do not go harassing people because their money will be done as soon as they got their pay too.


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