Female cash crop farmer shot dead in Berbice

Dead: Pamela Kendall
Dead: Pamela Kendall
Dead: Pamela Kendall

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A 56 – year – old female cash crop farmer was shot dead last evening (August 20) by bandit (s) who invaded her Lot 19 #45 Corentyne Berbice home.

Dead is Pamela Kendall who came face to face with a gunman in her kitchen during a power outage in the area.

Her husband, Deoram Sookchand, also a farmer, told iNews that at around 18:30 hrs, they were about to close up their doors when he left his wife in the kitchen and went into the shower.

He said shortly after he heard his wife screamed, followed by a gunshot. Sookchand said he remained in the shower and started to scream as well, after which he heard persons jumping the fence of his neighbour.

According to the traumatized man, he came out and looked for his wife and eventually found her in a pool of blood at her brother’s residence, which is a stone’s throw away from his home.

iNews understands that after she was shot, Kendall ran to her brother’s house, signaling them to help her when she collapsed. She was rushed to the Skeldon Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The woman was shot once and it is unclear how many bandits there were; nothing was stolen and electricity returned to the area shortly after the incident.



  1. The APNU-AFC blame the PPP of corruption and mismanagement of the country what did the PNC for the past 28 years they rule Guyana.

  2. Tommy…Tommy… what is wrong with your ability to rationalize? violence does not solve anything. There you are telling Indians to rise up and while complaining how the Granger administration is doing nothing about crime. Guyana is not the Gaza Strip!!!

    I suggest you stop blogging…fool!!

  3. Didn’t you listen to the declaration made by the combined then opposition during the election campaign period that they would bring crime under control once elected into office? Or are you suffering from selective amnesia? Rumjhaat and that Namakharam along with the senior members of APNU, boastfully declared they had all the tools,personnel with the experience and strategies to arrest the crime situation which was 40% less than it is today. Now that they are in control, crime and criminality have spiralled out of control and they are doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except firing perceived supporters of the PPPC, Indians in particular. You are not the idiot but something worse than that,a MORON

  4. the country became a transhipment gateway for drugs to all reaches of the globe under the corrupt, incompetent, t’iefing ppp government but you so delusional that you expect a new administration to come in and rectify the benign crime situation in three months. you idiots didn’t have no qualms voting to be killed when a’yuh cast votes for the ppp do nothing government.

  5. I guess these ministers never give it a thought had they won the elections what would be their strategy for fighting crimes,,,they just thinking about firing every tom ,dick and harry

    This is a cut and paste of a previous comment. Absolute B S!

  7. Almighty God please help us in this country. This RUM JHATT man can’t execute his duties much less protect us.

    Is this the change people voted for (to be killed)????

    RIP Pamela.

  8. Tommy you are the perverbal or rather the “true air head”…Bitter racial darkness is choking your life and those arround you…real sad and unpatriotic. Crime and criminals are colour blind…..Anyway, try offering some helpful suggestions and your future happeniness might be secured…..The common denominator empowering crime especially over the last twenty in ” GUN”..any blind fool can realise that fact….Take /Subtract the “GUN” and the entire dynamics of criminal activity change tremendously, giving intended victims a truly fighting chance. The police task will undoubtedly be made easier….A practical plan, forcefully and relenlessly implemented , is begging this situation. 1 REVIEW ALL GUN LICENSES ISSUED OVER THE LAST TWENTY YEARS> 2. START AN AMNESTY WITH , POSSIBLY CASH . 3. ENACT LAWS MAKING THE POSESSION OF GUN , A COMPONENT OF A GUN , A BULLET , SHELL/ CAP a no bail offense with a minimum ten years jail plus cash fine if found guilty……As of now the Police is only reacting to this run-away -gun crime…They must create an attack………Cameras cannot and will not stop or reduce crime .They will only attempt to identify after the crime……Guyana is far too small with so much “intellect” who cannot arrest this situation.

  9. I agree with you. All businesses must close for a day. This protest action must be well co-ordinated and supported by businesses across the country but more importantly in Georgetown and Berbice/New Amsterdam. But it is known Guyanese business men don’t want to antagonise this administration out of fear. They always have to stoop and be patronising. Some contribute financially openly while most do so secretly. The PSC and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and other stake holderS who have businesses or not should let this administration know that this barbarity cannot continue. They cannot just sit in their air conditioned offices giving lip service. It only takes one business man/woman to stand up and speak out forcefully and others will follow.This Government is not listening. Ramjattan is incompetent. HE MUST GO NOW. HOW MANY MORE FAMILIES HAVE TO SUFFER?

  10. Dear Mr. Inspector of the Corentyne area can you impose a curfew for the entire west coast area and road blocks at least every night, also ask residents to form a vigilante group and have a police with every group until the crime stop, search every vehicle, motor bike, bicycle and person.

  11. All business men and women are asking if they are next? Every time a business man or woman is savagely attacked by bandits all business should close for the day.

  12. he is a cack eye man don’t see good, but know to put blame and want to jail people , he should be kicked out of his office immediately ,Only collecting TAXPAYERS money for talking BALLS and doing nothing


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