“Beat you again & Fifty Shades of Grey” – Teixeira whips Gov’t in National Assembly

Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira

By Jomo Paul

Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira
Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira delivered a sound thrashing to the APNU+AFC government when she made her presentation on the 2015 Budget to the National Assembly on Thursday, August 20.

Teixeira – the penultimate speaker for the evening – spared no effort as she criticized almost every controversial move made by the new government since its 92 days in office.

According to the People’s Progressive Party Chief Whip, “the Opposition seems to be having problems getting used to the fact that they are the government.”

She went on to describe the budget presented by Finance Minister Winston Jordan as one of the worst in history indicating that it was “politically loaded” and the “most divisive document – more than any other budget” that has been presented to the National Assembly in years prior.

The Parliamentarian indicated that one of the primary functions of any budget would be nation building and this budget lacks that aspect.

“I would have seriously looked at building issues of trust and confidence,” said Teixeira adding that “it has brought in what I call touch up things.”

Turning her attention to the Local Government Ministry, Teixeira was very critical of a government announcement to have flags for each administrative region.

“In what brain does someone conceptualize that you have regional flags? I mean seriously you are Bulkanizing this country,” said told the House, referring to Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan.

“Local Government Elections Coming – we gon beat you again,” she went on to say. She also ranted against the decision not to renew the employment contract of University of Guyana Vice Chancellor Professor Jacob Opadeyi, stating that in turning around the University, Opadeyi would have had to make some enemies, hence we was on the right track.

“I am watching to see what democratic person you will hire…I am watching to see cause another 350 shades of gray is coming in from overseas,” she stated.

“When the APNU+AFC said it is time, it is time for the QC (Queens College) men and the fifty shades of Grey,” she stated.



  1. Forgive me for saying this Ms. Texiera; but your reference to the movie titled “50 Shades of Grey” does it apply to your relationships with your fellow party members? You are on quicksand Ma’am, just a matter of time.

  2. You have asked a very important question about the capital SHITTY. Unfortunately you need to ask that Buffalo who occupies and has occupied that mayoral seat for most of the past three decades if not all. That man is a disgrace to the Guyanese people. Nowhere in the world has a mayor been in that position for such a long time. He is old now but would not resign. His time on earth is not far off when the nation will rejoice his replacement. No, I am not wishing for an early departure from earth but long life so that he MAY repent his sins.( He has a lot to be remorseful for)

  3. These people only seeing far than they nost all them looking at is to the bad side n not to the good things the opposition do for guyanese people when them was i office, for Eg who didn’t had a house,Water, lights ect,they get in PPP time. And now that the very people talking bad about the PPP party….

  4. These people are a gang of hypocrits. All of the faults and the numerous things they are seeimg wrong or not right with the government they had 23 years to address as did not because they were too busy filling their greedy pockets.Now suddenly they are seeing all thats wrong and need attention like yesterday. Pregnant and high sprung speeches are exactly what they are empty words. Just like the ppp the past 23 years. An empty party devoid of ideas except greed.

  5. This is Jezebel at her best,manipulative, deceitful, lying, accusatory and wickedly inflammatory. what she has forgotten is that she no longer has an Ahab to deal with she has a David who has the anointing of God on him to defeat and destroy the corrupt, immoral, fraudulent, and and evil schemes that she devised and led the P.P.P. in perpetrating on Guyana.Does her idea of nation building is the exploitation of the national resources by China and the favored and corrupt Companies from India? Does it mean building a hotel with only foreign labor? does it mean denying the people of Of Linden access to radio and television? Does it mean having the Capital city of the Country decay and and smelling like the stench from a cesspool? wickedness and immorality have no shame and that was all she was demonstrating..

  6. Seriously Gail you are speaking about building trust and confidence when the first thing the PPP leadership did was claim elections were rigged. Come on..that was your golden moment…you were beaten in 2011 and obviously felt the race card would have caused you to win in 2015 but the intelligent Indians did not buy it. Stop smoking and start your game plan of truly building this nation. By the way why do we need cooks and cleaners from Brazil. Before any foreigner is hired, an advertisement should be placed in the newspapers for at least a month and on the radio stations so that the local persons can apply, then there is a clear justification of recruiting any foreigner. Foreign workers are not tourists and they definitely are not investors. Do you even know if they are contributing to NIS and paying taxes. They will be a burden to our system if they don’t. We have to protect our borders, this is not a free for all. The Indians who were on the Tarmac came a far way without any clear direction. They are not CARICOM nationals so were are under no obligations to accept them. Are they refugees. Stop using the race card to make your point, it will take you no where this is not 1966, it is 2015.

  7. These people are all irrelevant…I suspect we are the seeing thrashings of a beast in its final stages of death led by the Devil himself.

    How can they have the audacity to criticize anyone for anything when they have been at the helm of 23 years of dispotic rule, and have hardly contributed anything to of substance in Guyana.

  8. That’s the confidence the ppp has to always bring to the front… its rather disgraceful that an established man such as ug. Chancellor they want to discard him.. can’t blame the govt because when them was at the helm of guyanas politics, we didn’t even have decent tertiary level education.. so it’s no difference now..


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