Father of 5 beaten, robbed by armed bandits in Better Hope


A 43-year-old father of five is now in a traumatised state after three bandits attacked him in front of his Better Hope, East Coast Demerara home on Wednesday evening, before robbing him of his PLUM mobile phone then turning their attack on his two friends.

Vadanand Joseph

The injured man has been identified as Vadanand Joseph, a driver of De Souza Street, Better Hope South, East Coast Demerara.

At around 21:00hrs on Wednesday, Joseph recalled that he had just reached home and was about to enter his yard when he saw three men approaching him from the eastern direction of De Souza Street.

He told INews that one of the men was walking and was armed with a handgun while the two others, who were on a bicycle, had cutlasses in their possession.

Joseph displaying one of the several injuries he received during the robbery

Joseph said that sensing danger, he ran into his yard, only to realise that the men had followed him in. He recounted that as he ran, two of the men began to hit him with their cutlasses, causing him to fall down. They continued to deal lashes across Joseph’s body before stealing his PLUM mobile phone from his pocket.

At that time, Joseph’s two friends, who would frequently visit him at nights entered the man’s yard only to be greeted by the robbers.

However, as one of the men ran away, the gunman followed him some distance, reportedly discharging three shots in his direction.

The other visitor was reportedly caught by the three attackers and dealt several lashes and chops about his body.

Nearby, the Community Policing Group (CPG) was having a meeting some distance away and after hearing the gunshots, the men came to investigate.

However, by then the three bandits had already fled the scene.

A report of the incident has been made and investigations are ongoing.


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