Bus driver freed of Nismes fatal accident charge


By Shemuel Fanfair

The minibus driver who was accused of being at fault for causing the death of motorcyclist, Timothy Emanuel Assing, at the Nismes Public Road last year was earlier today (Thursday) freed of the offence.

Deceased: Timothy Assing

For the last several months, former accused Nazeer Mohamed has been appearing at the Wales Magistrate Court on the police account that during an early morning collision on August 7, 2016, between his minibus and a motorcycle, Assing was killed. Assing’s pillon rider, Shellon Glasgow had also been injured in the accident.

Reports had indicated that the minibus had been travelling south on the eastern carriageway of the Nismes Public Road, West Bank Demerara, while Assing was travelling north on the motorcycle, in the company of his pillion rider, Glasgow. Back then, it was also alleged that Assing, a former Old Road, La Grange resident, was blinded by the headlights of the oncoming minibus and veered into its path on the eastern carriageway. This had resulted in the head-on collision which caused the minibus to end up in the trench on the eastern side of the public road.

Assing and Glasgow had been rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where Assing had died whilst being transported to the medical facility.

Glasgow received treatment for injuries to her mouth. Mohamed’s case was initially presided over by Senior Magistrate Clive Nurse, who was recently installed as resident Magistrate in Linden.

Thursday’s decision was handed down by West Demerara Magistrate Rushell Liverpool.




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