Father, son on trial for murder of Mahaica accountant

Sukhdeo Dharamdat, 54, called “Toney” and his son, 25-year-old Eshwardat Dharamdat called “Bruddow”
Sukhdeo Dharamdat, 54, called “Toney” and his son, 25-year-old Eshwardat Dharamdat called “Bruddow”

The trial into the 2015 murder of Suresh Nandkishore also called “Ravo” commenced on Tuesday before Justice Navindra Singh and a 12-member jury at the Georgetown High Court.

On trial are Sukhdeo Dharamdat, 54, called “Toney” and his son, 25-year-old Eshwardat Dharamdat called “Bruddow”. The men are accused of killing Nandkishore on February 3, 2015, at Handsome Tree, Mahaica Creek.

Suresh Nandkishore also called “Ravo”

The duo denied the charge against them in court on Tuesday.

On February 6, 2015, the older Dharamdat and his two sons Eshwardat and Chaitram Dharamdat made their first court appearance at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court and were charged with the murder of Nandkishore. However, the younger son, Chaitram Dharamdat, was killed in the Camp Street Prison fire back in 2016, leaving the two accused to stand trial.

At the trial’s commencement, the two accused were represented by Attorneys Brandon De Santos and Alanna Lall.

The State’s case is being led by Prosecutor Tuanna Hardy in association with Abigail Gibbs and Teriq Mohammed.

Taking the stand was the deceased’s brother, Parmanand Nandkishore, who is the prosecution’s star witness.

Nandkishore told the court that at about 11:30h on February 3, 2015, his father, Bhopaul Nandkishore, and his now dead brother had asked him to assist them in repairing a fence on their plot of land in the backdam at Mahaica.

He further told the jury that about 15 minutes after arriving at the land by boat, the older Dharamdat [Sukhdeo] approached his father, inquiring about what they were doing, after which he left.

However, after another 15 minutes’ interval, the said accused along with his two sons returned, this time armed with cutlasses shortly after which an argument ensued.

The court heard that when the three victims decided to leave the land, the older Dharamdat attacked the deceased, pushing him to the ground where he dealt him a blow to the head using a piece of wood. The older Nandkishore went to his son’s rescue but was also hit in the head by the younger Dharamdat [Eshwardat] and fell into a nearby trench.

Meanwhile, Parmanand, who witnessed the attack on his family members, was dealt several cuffs, chops and lashes about his body with a cutlass and a piece of wood by all three of the Dharamdats, during which he pretended to be dead so the attackers would leave.

The court was further informed that after the three attackers left, Parmanand left his father and brother behind as he managed to escape and seek help from neighbours.
Parmanand Nandkishore related that on February 5, 2015, he was present at the Georgetown Public Hospital Mortuary where he identified the body of his deceased brother.
While under cross-examination by the defence lawyer, the witness denied that his now dead brother was armed with a cutlass after a captured video of the incident revealed that the older Dharamdat was heard shouting “why you chap meh”.

Nevertheless, Nandkishore maintained that he was the last to see the accused and he sustained no injuries during the altercation.

Meanwhile, Bopnarine Singh, a neighbour, who also testified on Tuesday, said that on the day of the incident he received a telephone call from his father, after which he immediately left his home via his motorcar.

He informed the court that upon arrival at the Nandkishore’s home he observed Parmanand covered in blood and subsequently transported him to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital where he was admitted a patient.

Neurosurgeon, Dr Amarnauth Dukhi, who prepared the medical report for Bhopaul Nandkishore, during his testimony informed the court that the victim suffered from traumatic sub-haemorrhage, short for traumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage, which is usually related to severe head injuries and unconsciousness resulting from a rigid hit on the head in cases of car accidents or a fall.

The matter is set to continue today with the continuation of testimonies by the remaining witnesses.



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