Father of 11 hangs self…after wife threatened to report abuse to police


After suffering years of abuse at the hands of her husband, Sharmilla Singh of lot 17 Dundee Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara (ECD) found her husband hanging from a rope by their bedroom door last night.

suicideThe incident is said to have occurred around 20:30 h on Tuesday.

Reports are that Gavin Singh, a 42 year old fisherman, committed suicide after his wife threatened to make a report of his ongoing abuse at the police station.

The wife, who was downstairs with their 11 children at the time of the incident, was the one who made the gruesome discovery.

INews was told that the traumatised woman beckoned her 17 year old son to cut the rope which hung around Gavin’s neck. With the assistance of some of their neighbours, the family managed to take the body to the Cottage Hospital, ECD where Gavin was pronounced dead upon arrival.

A post mortem examination is expected to be done on Friday.




  1. I think that the newspapers should not emphasize suicide. I think that it be reported but in the back of the newspaper. I have seen and experienced when persons who are suicidal read or hear about suicide, they follow the leader. I live in Toronto and they do not report suicide on the subways and only report those that involve murder/ suicide or have other circumstances. I also worked on a reserve in Canada. Everything went well until there was one suicide, then the gates of hell opened up and within 2 weeks, there were 5. I couldn’t take it and had to leave the job. Also i know a case of someone who lived in my building. He saw someone jump from the building next door to his death. Two weeks later, he did the same. I also support steps that i read about having the community, hot lines, social workers, teachers and psychologist etc. but i feel strongly that the reporting should be reduced.

  2. This Country is cursed ever since the APNU/AFC has seized power and it’s against the will of the People.They have the Midas touch and everything they touch turns into filth. Rice,Sugar,Bauxite,Gold and Cost of living that is affecting People’s life.The weak will commit suicide because they cannot cope with life anymore.This Regime has sinned a great Sin since they have forced themselves upon the will of the People and their Sins are telling on this Nation.


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