Farmers Group established in Unity



A cucumber farm under cultivation in the Pomeroon.
A cucumber farm under cultivation in the Pomeroon.

[] – Some 64 farmers of Unity community in the Lower Pomeroon river have formed themselves into a group with the objective of working together through the Guyana Agriculture Producers Association [GAPA] to `put some 190 acres of virgin land under cultivation to boost agriculture production in the Pomeroon and contribute to the National Grow More Food drive.

According to GAPA representative on the Essequibo Coast, Dawood Khan the 190 acres will be divided into five acre plots so that some 38 families in the area will each get one plot. Mr. Khan said each family will live on their plot while cultivating the land.

The Unity Farmers Group will be headed by Frankin John. Vice Chairman is Carmin Adams, while Meshana Afred is the Secretary and Cenderealla Williams is the Treasurer.

The Committee Members of the group are Cind Persaud, Lakeram Deepawn, Ambruce George, Amelia John, Maudia Lindore and Christine George.



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