Family demands justice for gold miner who was stabbed to death

Teo James

A family is calling for justice after a 30-year-old man was stabbed to death due to a triangle love affair he was involved in.

Teo ‘Max’ James, a gold miner of West La Penitence Housing Scheme, Georgetown, was on Monday found with multiple stab wounds about his body at a camp along the Cuyuni River in Region Seven.

Simone Parker, the dead man’s sister, told this publication that her brother had only returned to Bartica, Region Seven four days before he was killed. Prior to his return, he was in the capital city with his family.

Parker was at home on Monday evening when she received the phone call, informing her that her younger brother was dead.

“When I asked what happen they told me that it was a triangle love affair. I have another brother up there and he told me that he [Teo] was playing, and after the girl he was with heard that he came back, she told the other boy that you wouldn’t be staying here anymore because Teo is here and you cant come back here,” the sister related.

Parker said after her brother’s girlfriend told the other man that he could not visit her any longer, the man flew into a rage.

“The boy told her I will show you that Teo not going to stay here. So, I made to understand that my brother was sitting playing a game of Bingo and he sneak up behind him and start stabbing he,” the sister related.

She explained that James has been working as a miner for more than 12 years and he would usually take care of family members. Park noted that since their parents died, her brother has been the backbone of support for their family; both financially and emotionally.

“My brother was so loving I can’t even explain. When my mom died, she left the five of us and we promised to keep it together. This is so sad. When mom died, I became the mother and this is so heartrending for me. Who is going to dry my tears now?”

“I know I have more brothers but… this is really going to affect our family because this is very sudden, remember this is nothing about sickness… the last thing my brother said to me before he left that same Saturday morning was, “I love you”. I never knew that would have been the last time I was going to see him,” Parker lamented.

The family is hoping that the police locate the suspect and ensure he faces the full force of the law.

The suspect has only been identified as “Tallman”.