Family demands justice for boy crushed to death by garbage truck

Enam Nakase Holder
Enam Nakase Holder

Family members are demanding that justice be served for nine-year-old Enam Nakase Holder who was crushed to death by a garbage truck at Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

Holder, who was a student of the Sophia Primary School, was on Sunday crushed to death the truck as he was riding his bicycle in a street in the community.

The driver of the truck registered to C&S trucking company was taken into custody as police continue their investigation.

Family members are demanding that the truck driver face the full force of the law. The incident brings back painful memories for parents, Nigel and Roxanne Holder. The couple lost a child in a similar manner some 12 years ago. Their two-year-old son, Isaiah Holder, was killed by a speeding vehicle.

A family member, who spoke to INews today, explained the moment she received the dreaded news.

“It was nothing like what they reported in the media, he did not collision with the truck, is the truck knock he from behind…He head damaged… he brain all come out… you can’t recognise he because of the injuries.”

In fact, the young man’s sister witnessed the incident and she remains traumatised.

“The sister witness the accident… she is traumatized and need the relevant counselling… the mother is going through what happened 12 years ago… and they need money to offset expenses,” the family explained.

Persons interested in assisting the family can contact them on 219-1861 and 638-3785.