Inevitability is one of the major characteristics of tragedies – Greek or Elizabethan – or Guyanese. From the very beginning, one knows how matters will play out. And this is why what’s unfolding in Guyana at GECOM simply confirms what your Eyewitness has been raising his hands to the heavens and warning: the moment the PNC slipped into office, we’d been catapulted into a tragedy!

Pick a decision by the PNC since 2015 – ANY decision, in ANY field of endeavour! – and you’ll see the truth of your Eyewitness’ assertion. So who’s surprised every year our GDP growth rate keeps slip-sliding away!! But you get the idea, don’t you, dear reader?

So, let’s take a gander at the mega tragedy unfolding at GECOM – and we don’t even need the Muses singing in the wings to warn us. The moment Granger insisted only a JUDGE could become GECOM’s Chairman, we know what was coming down the pike. After all, he’d vowed to CONTINUE with Burnham’s legacy and since Burnham’s rigging of elections from 1968 onwards was facilitated by the Judges who were mandated to be the Chair of the Elections Commission – voila!!

So, for Granger to insist the clause – which altered the old “Justice” requirement, to add “or ANY other fit and proper person” – still meant only Judges could be submitted by the Opposition Leader, didn’t need even a tea-leaf reading to know what he was up to. A tragedy was brewing. This was confirmed when he unilaterally selected an OLD ex-Justice – just as Bunham had done – and plunked him into the chair!!

Now to their credit everyone – including the PPP – yelled bloody murder and even took the matter to the courts explaining Ex-Justice Patterson was just there to do the PNC’s bidding. They could’ve echoed Cheddi Jagan’s description of one of Burnham’s choice – a “toothless poodle” – but they were circumspect! But that doesn’t work with the PNC: in the first substantive decision placed before the Commission – appointing the acting CEO of GECOM –  Patterson shamelessly throws his casting vote for the PNC’s side!!

It didn’t matter that the PPP-backed candidate outscored the PNC’s, in the evaluation based on objective criteria. The inevitability of tragedies don’t give a hoot about such niceties. Whatever will be will be…and what the PNC wants will be!!
But dear readers, this is just the opening act of the Tragedy – just setting the stage, so to speak.

The PNC “Dictatorship II” is the dénouement!!

…in March 2020 oil

Only on Tuesday it was reiterated that oil will start pumping come March 2020. That, of course, is right before the General Elections due in May 2020. And if you think that’s a coincidence, your Eyewitness has a bridge across the Essequibo River to sell you!! The fix is in, dear reader – and we can just see the PNC campaign motto: “Why change anything now that easy street’s here??!!”

But that’s not the tragedy your Eyewitness wants to explore right now. He wants you to hone in on the pic accompanying the announcement: and there you’ll see Trotman standing with the oil company rep – a vial of petroleum from the Lisa Field – and grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat!! And why not? Didn’t President Granger announce that “oil” had been taken away from Trotman’s Natural Resource portfolio, and transferred to Ministry of the Presidency??

Some thought that was a slap on the wrist for Trotman…But we can now see it was just a diversion from the bonus scandal!!
Nassau’s alive and well!!

…of Walter Rodney

Dr Rodney unquestionably was a unique political phenomenon. But imagine some members of the WPA – which was built on his reputation and work – is now in bed with the PNC that assassinated him.

It truly sickens the soul!!


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