EYEWITNESS: Time compression…


…by Government

The PNC-led APNU/AFC coalition spent millions of taxpayers’ dollars producing a 16-page insert in the Chronic “celebrating” their two-year stint at the helm of the ship of state, Guyana. It’s like the Captain of the Titanic celebrating the 115th anniversary of hitting that iceberg in the North Atlantic!! But at least the Titanic’s captain had the grace to go down with his ship, didn’t he?

But here in Guyana, even though the Government deliberately ignored all the warnings by the business community, the Opposition and independent analyst that they’ve been steering the Guyanese economy directly into the iceberg called “recession”, it fell on deaf ears. And the Guyanese economy’s in a free fall headed to the bottom of the whirlpool of economic debris. And these jokers have the chutzpah to “celebrate”!!

What’s to celebrate? From where this Eyewitness sits, their only achievement is offering another proof of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – in the social world. At its heart that now venerable theory is very simple: as things move faster, for outside observers, time slows down. What the PNC-led APNU-AFC Government has done is to move so fast in destroying within two years the economy the PPP rebuilt in 23 years. Guyanese are convinced the PNC’s been ruling for 23 years!! That’s how long they feel they’ve been suffering!! Twenty-three years have been compressed into two years!! Roll over Einstein!! Meet the PNC!

But your Eyewitness can now see some method to the madness from official quarters. The Shill wasn’t only deflecting criticisms of a “do nothing” government, he was also trumpeting their “success”!! But he, at least, was pithy, even as he was pitiful!! This latest output of the Chronic was so prolix, your Eyewitness was seriously challenged to plough through them. They’re so much garbage a fella can rummage through!!

So, what was the insert all about. They started out by reprinting Prezzie’s “Swearing-in” address, where he proclaimed “A year of renewal”. The only thing’s “renewed” is the despair from the PNC’s first stint at the helm under Burnham. This was followed by PM Nagamootoo taking 2000 words to announce a “new paradigm” in “a new democracy”. He certainly knows what he’s talking about. In this “new paradigm”, all the terms of the Accord defining the “new democracy” giving him more powers were broken by the PNC. But the PM’s not only mute – he insists everything is “OK”!!

But the biggest joke of all was the article on Basil Williams announcing his “top priority”: “Restoring the ‘rule of law’!! While your Eyewitness isn’t any spring chicken, on reading that he immediately began “ROTFLMAO”!!
Rolling on the floor, laughing my ‘a55’ off!!

…in money laundering

They say you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. But then you gotta make sure the “gift horse” isn’t a “Trojan Horse”, don’t you?? This thought flashed into your Eyewitness’ mind when he read of the donation of $4 billion drugs by a US NGO – Guyana Medical Relief Council – to the tune of US$20 million!! Now this is real money – greenbacks – not Guyana’s monopoly-money.  The Bank of Guyana recently claimed they stabilised THE ENTIRE GUYANESE ECONOMY by pumping the same amount into the banks!!
Some raised concerns these drugs might be expired or “almost”- expired – and will soon be dumped. Some worried the drugs might have nothing to do with the specific ailments that trouble Guyanese – like diabetes.
But your Eyewitness is worried the US just warned Guyana was still on their radar for laundering money.
Isn’t this what getting a US tax-write-off for US$20 million of expired drugs, is?? Let’s follow the money, SOCU or FBI!!

…at D’Urban Park

We just heard, from one military personnel, Bess, to another, Nicolett, that D’Urban Park’s about to be “spruced up” for Independence 50+1.
But wasn’t it only a year ago $1.3 billion was spent to “fix it up” for Jubilee?
Ahh…how time (and money) flies when the scandals come fast and furious!!



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