EYEWITNESS: The tangled web…


…keeps on growing

Your Eyewitness expatiated on the distinction between ‘small legs’ lies and “long nose lies”. With the latter, the lie’s so obvious everyone sees it and it just makes the liar look ridiculous! Like with the PNCites insisting they never rigged elections! All that elicits are rolling of the eyes and “Yeah! Right!!”

The latest revelations about (Chief) Justice Patterson by the GHRA and his role in the infamous trial of the Grenada 17 is a “small leg” lie. You may think you’ve gotten away with the lie – but it’ll eventually catch up with you!! And when it does, the doo-doo will hit the fan! Now some of you young’uns out there mightn’t remember the invasion of Grenada in 1983 (pop 96,000 then). It was invaded by the US – population 233,000,000!

You heard that right! The leader of the free world, under the leadership of ex-cowboy movie star Ronald Reagan (and you thought Donald Trump was the first US leader out of left field??!!) invaded one of the tiniest nations on planet Earth! Why? Well, because Reagan claimed the Grenadian communist leadership (whom the US had denounced as destabilising the western hemisphere and cosying up with the Commie Cubans) had been overthrown and killed by an even more radical bunch.

And as the clincher, to convince Americans they weren’t invading because Reagan just wanted to show how tough he was (remind you of someone today?) he claimed he was protecting US students at the offshore St George’s Medical School. School authorities frantically insisted they weren’t in any danger; and in fact the US invasion might pose a danger! But Reagan knew the cowboy HAS to save the damsel in distress, doesn’t he?

Anyhow, after the invasion, the US insisted “justice” must be done; and against all domestic law and international conventions, cobbled together – and paid for – what has since been widely condemned as a “cowboy court” that promptly sentenced the Grenada 17, as the defendants were known, to be hung until they were dead!! So what if statements were elicited through torture; the jury was handpicked by a former member of the prosecutor’s team, and the one “witness” who claimed the 17 had given the order to kill was promised immunity?! It’d been the “Grenada 18!!

Eventually, all the defendants were freed after protests by the English Courts, TI, the US Congress and human rights group. The process had been THAT screwed up, and the records are sealed by the US even now!

The GHRA revealed, however, that one of the “hired” judges was no other than our newly appointed (Chief) Justice Patterson!!
Look at the doo-doo hitting the fan!!

…of benign dictators

It’s possible the WPA, the AFC and other collaborators of the PNC, who’re giving them cover as “APNU” and APNU/AFC Coalition”, don’t realise what they are aiding and abetting. After all, Burnham, passed away since 1985; Rodney was killed since 1980; everyone’s getting on in years, and senility could be creeping in! Then there is, of course, the selective amnesia induced by mega salaries and extravagant perks!! But the recent house arrest of Mugabe by the Zimbabwean Armed Forces should be a wake-up call.

Like Burnham, who was his contemporary, Mugabe was excused by his followers for having “revolutionary ideas”. Never mind ideas aren’t worth a bucket of warm spit if they don’t translate into positive actions! As Mugabe’s ideas plunged Zimbabwe from being one of the most productive countries in Africa to one that’s now starving after wild land transfers and hyperinflation, he — like Burnham – increasingly became dictatorial. The clincher was the obscene extravagances of his wife.

And Pressie promises to follow the Burnhamite stride? Oi vey!!

…at City Hall

Returning from China, where they probably flew for Chinese “take-out” — and we know what’s “taken out”!! — the City Hall triumvirate remain recalcitrant.

And why not? Everyone in the Government obviously also likes Chinese take-out!!



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