Eyewitness: Preparing…


…for emancipation

Well, here we are…less than a week away from celebrating Emancipation Day and your Eyewitness is getting pretty excited. After all, we just can’t think of the “emancipation” that occurred back in 1838. That was just a BEGINNING! How emancipated are we NOW?? Did you think that just being told that you won’t be drawn and quartered if you just couldn’t finish your “task” but you still have to show up to do the same work, under the same “driver” meant “emancipation”? No Siree Bob!!

Listen Budday…being “emancipated” means you should be free to “choose” whether you want to work or not!! And whether you want to work under those particular conditions. After all, after Apprenticeship finished, many of the ex-slaves just took the money they’d saved during the four years and bought out plantations where the owners had taken the money (“compensation” from the British Government) and ran. They built their own cottages and started their own farms and showed up to work whenever they felt like it!! And when they did show up, they insisted on demanding rates they felt were fair to them. NOW they had choice!!

Frankly, your Eyewitness thinks we should simply pick up on this example. Is he really emancipated when he has to crank out one of these pieces every day of the year? How different is this from slavery?? OK…from Apprenticeship! Seriously, folks, just think about it…what’s the difference between our life of drudgery and slavery? OK…there’s those whips and chains he alluded to earlier…aren’t the tongue lashings from heartless bosses, along the same spectrum??

This pandemic has made your Eyewitness want to emulate our emancipated forefathers and foremothers and simply chuck it all in and turn his backyard into a garden to take care of all his needs. The Government has been encouraging we city folks to become self-sufficient, no? And chickens don’t really need coops when they come home to roost, do they?

He can also bring home one of those goats wandering about the place and once a year get some meat. Curried goat, anyone? From the surplus, he can sell to get some money to buy the one necessity he can’t plant – beer! Of course, with the change in the law and all that…he could also plant a couple of ganja plants and call it “hemp” so that he can split a spliff on his special days!!

He’d be saving on medical bills since he’ll be eating 100% organic (he’ll only use fertiliser produced by his goat). Now don’t tell your Eyewitness that it can’t be done.
It was done by our ancestors and by golly so will your Eyewitness!

…Local Government Elections

Will somebody get real about Local Government Elections? Your Eyewitness knows that by operation of the law, they’re due sometime this year. But heck…so is the PNC Congress! And from all he’s reading, this is even more urgent!! But we know that the PNC-government-in-waiting has decided that it can’t be held because of COVID 19!! So are the rest of us chopped liver? Nobody cares about us??

Georgetown as the largest municipality had regressed to its normal state of decrepitude and it seems acceptable to everyone who lives there. We KNOW THE SAME LOT WILL BE RETURNED and the city voters are our most woke set of voters! The other Local Government bodies have quite a ways to reach that state and your Eyewitness knows is sure “as Georgetown goes” so will the rest of the nation!

So let’s do what was done for years through the cooperation of the PNC and the Government – just convene Parliament and postpone the LGE!
We know some folks will behave bad when they lose once again!!

…for the hereafter

Public Service Message: Stephen Harmon, a member of the S California Hillsong megachurch, who’d mocked COVID-19 vaccines, has died after a month-long battle with the virus.