…for the masses

Like most Third World countries coming out of colonialism, we had our share of Marxists. Maybe more than our fair share?? Since Marx’s predictions and theories were based on the contradictions arising out of an INDUSTRIAL capitalist economy, all our Marxists had to accept those theories and predictions on faith, since Guyana was certainly not “industrial”!! Our Marxists – who also rejected religion as the “opium of the masses”– never saw the irony of their reliance on faith!!

One of the most die-hard Marxists was Clive Thomas – who actually wrote a book advising the developing and undeveloped countries of the South to cut all linkages with the capitalist countries like the US! He divined from Marx’s utterances that countries like Guyana would forever be trapped in the “exploitative” relationship unless they cut and run!

The problem with all of Thomas’s books was that they had no connection with reality. So when poor, underdeveloped countries like Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and finally China leaped into First World status precisely because of their linkages with the capitalist, you’d think he would recant – if not apologise — wouldn’t you? But not Thomas!!

He started down another theoretical road, claiming Guyana was a “criminalised state” where the PPP Government was “siphoning off” billions and billions into its pockets!! When his party – the WPA – got into Government in coalition with the PNC, he was given the job to recover those “billions and billions”. But three years down the road, he’s come up empty!! Another claim from his theoretical miasma disappearing in the sunlight of reality!!

However, it now appears that Thomas might finally be jettisoning his Marxist misunderstandings – but sadly, he has become even more unrealistic. The goal of Marxism, of course, was to ultimately create a “communist” society, but to begin a bit more modestly, with a “socialist society”. The difference between the two systems was summarised rather pithily. In “socialism”, it would be expected, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his work”, while in “communism”, it’ll be, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

The bottom line is that, in each system, folks would still be asked to work, even though what they’ll get in return will vary. But here it is that Thomas — addressing an Emancipation gathering at Buxton/Friendship — proposed that once our oil money starts flowing in 2020, folks should start receiving some of that money. He suggested $1million annually! – without doing anything!!

Since this is more than our present per capita GNP, your Eyewitness wonders what’ll motivate the masses to cultivate all those farmlands the PNC’s handing out to its supporters?
Or does Emancipation mean “free from all work”??!!

…and crime

The Government just allocated $16 million to a Jamaican company to create an interactive map to show “crime hot-spots” in Region 4. Now, right away, your Eyewitness’s hackles were raised!! What about the other areas; aren’t their citizens entitled to know THEIR “crime hotspots”? And it better be that the Government’s starting with Region 4 because it has the highest rate of crime – or else they might just be accused of “profiling”!!

We’re told the maps will be “interactive”, like those Google maps that give you directions even here in benighted Guyana. So can we expect some female voice informing us in dulcet tones to avoid a street coming up because it’s a “high crime” location? Will there be whole wards and villages so identified?? The mind boggles!!

But if this is okay, your Eyewitness has a suggestion for GPL…which evidently had hired the mapping company before. Why don’t they have the areas that don’t pay their electricity bills showing up on a map??

The rest of us law-abiding citizens can then know who we’re subsidising!!

…and coalition for LGE

So the PNC and AFC fissured for the LGE because the former balked at the 60/40 split of spoils.

Does this mean the AFC also won’t get 40% of the war chest??



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