EYEWITNESS: Just a gyaff…


…on gas

After he stuck his foot into his mouth by insisting he’d get Exxon to pay up-front for oil to be shipped in the future, Trotman still didn’t accept he knew absolutely zilch about the oil industry. He went on to insist he was going to establish a US$500

million “oil facility” on Crab Island. Once again, he didn’t check with Exxon whether they’d be using such a facility but rushed to take out ads in all the major dailies to tie up the lands around his site.

Turned out, the land was already owned by private folks and Exxon had already signed an agreement for its FPSO, rigs, and ships to be serviced out of a wharf in Mc Doom Muneshwars had developed! But Trotman still wasn’t fazed…you know the one about fools rushing in and all that!! He then came up with the bright idea (he thought) about a refinery in Guyana. Exxon once again pointed out that weren’t adding no value to their oil in Guyana, thank you: they had all that excess refining capacity in Louisiana.

Maybe Trotman would open up a refinery on his own with Guyana’s share of the oil it would be getting based on the terms of the secret contract with Exxon? But after he suddenly dropped that idea like the proverbial hot potato, the smart money figured that just confirmed Guyana was getting zilch from its “share of profits”! And this brings us up to Trotman’s latest brainwave being discussed with Exxon – firing GPL’s generators with gas that’ll be brought up along with the oil.

But what exactly will be discussed? Exxon’s already announced in its development plans it will be pumping the gas back under the sea and has no plans to run any pipelines or whatever to utilise the gas ashore. So like the oil refinery brain-wave, where will Trotman be getting the money to bring the gas to GPL? And which GPL plants? Everyone knows (excepting Trotman, it seems) that GPL’s generators are all along the coast. So in addition to the 150 mile pipe under the sea, there will be another 150 miles to connect the latter? Jeez!!

But as usual, your Eyewitness is convinced nothing will come out of this detour and frolic also. The tip-off was the announcement that the present talks between the Government and Exxon’s technical people aren’t going to result in any changes in the contract! So how will you now ship gas if the contract doesn’t cater for this?

Isn’t it time discussion of Trotman’s ideas in the oil sector be moved to a rum-shop? It’s always just a gyaff, isn’t it?

…on Police CoI leak

We have the crime mystery of the century to be solved: “Case of their Purloined CoI Report”. Your Eyewitness had a frisson of excitement like he used to get whenever he got a new Hardy Boy’ mystery! He also used to read the Nancy Drew mysteries, but this is no time for true confession!!! What are the facts?

This was a one-man CoI – in the person of former Asst Commish Paul Slowe – who was never slow on the draw when he was in harness! So, we can’t end up like those Agatha Christie mysteries where you had a dozen or more suspects and all sorts of red herrings being dragged across cold trails! The first question has to be: “Who’d he give the report to?
Well, we know he DIDN’T give it to the Public Security Minister – who publicly complained he was hoping to get a peek, when it was shared to Cabinet. Slowe said he gave a copy to Prezzie – and we know Prezzie doesn’t leak.
Now that leaves one!!

 …about cussbirds

Your Eyewitness must confess he’s a tad disappointed Prezzie took the exposed cussbird from his office to the UN with him.

But then again, maybe he wanted to tell off those “spics” from Venezuela?



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