Eyewitness: It’s a rum…


…AFC situation

Well, it isn’t as popular as it was back in the day, but you do know, Dear Reader, that “a rum situation” means a strange, weird or odd state of affairs, don’t you?? It’s British, old chap!! But it’s doubly appropriate for what your Eyewitness wants to discuss today – which is Ramjattan, known universally as “Rumjattan” for well-known reasons! — and the AFC!! The man had an interview in the Stabber about post-elections matters that was as weird as it gets!!

He was reacting to the criticisms he’d been subjected to ever since he agreed to hitch up with the PNC and Granger – even though he himself had predicted if that were to occur, he and his party would become “Dead Meat”!! In this case, he didn’t let loose with his patented “Haul yuh ass!” to the reporter, but actually took time to expound on his philosophy of politics – in his inimitable style. He proposed that Guyana is a young democracy and lots of folks are critical of politicians, but just sit on the sidelines and refuse to enter the fray.

“Parrot love to tell donkey how to bat the ball, but parrot don’t want go to the crease. That is the problem we get hay. “Hit the ball, donkey; hit the ball!”, they cry. But when donkey say, “get your backside hay and bat!” parrot don’t want fuh come – but we will parrot all the criticisms.” There you have it, folks, the AFC liaison with the PNC for the last five years explained!! The AFC – represented aptly as “donkeys”! – had the guts to step up to the crease with the PNC on Valentine’s Day 2015 and bat!! And here it thought they were getting married to take care of the Guyanese family writ large!!

It would’ve been nice though if Rumjattan – to use his “call name” – had elaborated on one of the balls he said was bowled to him by the US and British Ambassador on that fateful day when Mingo did his thing. According to Rumjattan, the diplomats told him, “some terrible things are going on. I indicated that quite clearly they have to be remedied…I decided to go back and indicated to Amna that there were problems and by that time a number of circumstances took hold and then an order for a recount.” Not a word on Mingo’s dastardly deed!!

And that is what the AFC is all about, isn’t it? Ramjattan and the rest of the AFC bigwigs will support Granger come what may…so Granger gave them 9 undeserved seats simply to hold off the PNC faction that wants him out!!

It’s a rum situation!!

…Greenidge situation

Greenidge’s retention by the PPP/C as advisor on the Border Issues shouldn’t really have surprised anyone. Even though a true-blue PNC going back to Burnham’s time, he always presented a technocratic face to the public. As Finance Minister back in the day, for instance, he took a lot of heat from PNC insiders for announcing that Guyana has been driven into bankruptcy under the PNC! But that’s what his numbers told him!!

He had an insider view of the real Granger when Corbin and others rigged the PNC party elections to have Granger pip him by a handful of votes. He knew from that bitter experience – notwithstanding his sanctimonious exterior – Granger was a gangster!! So, to reassure the public that he’s not a political grasshopper, he announced he was still PNC and in the appropriate forum he would be more forthcoming. Can’t wait!!

In the meantime, he pointed out that the lot sent by Granger to Parliament really doesn’t represent a cross-section of the PNC’s constituency.

They’re just stalking horses for Granger!!

…Russian situation

Sadly, Rumjattan didn’t clear up a matter that intrigued Guyanese during the PNC’s 5-month rigging heist.

Now that he’s arguing that “anomalies” caused them to be out of office, shouldn’t he apologise to those Russian “hackers” he expelled??