Eyewitness: Gaming the system…


…to rig in perpetuity

David Granger still remains cloistered in his Palazzo at Pearl. But facing mounting dissent from within and without the PNC redoubt, he deigned to be “interviewed” by a local loyalist hack! Presumably to show he’s not only alive, but ready to defend his leadership. But all he did was to reinforce how out of touch and irrelevant he’s become since he was voted out at the last elections.

So, what pearls of wisdom did he drop from his Pearl hideout? Nothing new, that’s for sure. He merely confirmed that he’s an implacable enemy of democracy, democratic values, and democratic institutions. And that he’s a coward to boot! Let’s start with the last, shall we? Here it is, his handpicked Leader of the Opposition, Joe Harmon, every African-based NGO within his constituency – and the one-man GHRA to boot – have taken up cudgels against the American-funded IRI that will assist the AG Chambers in the area of electoral reform. But Granger purported to pronounce on his position on electoral reform and didn’t utter even a “coo” about the American group!!

And the reason? Well…duh! Didn’t you hear, Dear Reader, that the Americans had yanked the visas of a host of Opposition figures during their thwarted rigging attempt last year? The mouth is muzzled by the hand that issues the visas!! Coward!! Anyway, now to the anti-democratic stripes he developed under his mentor Burnham since 1965 and – which are impossible for him to wipe out this late in life. The man said yes…he is desirous of electoral change, which should operate to close off “the type of mischief perpetrated on the people of Guyana last year”.

Can you believe this fella? No wonder his Caricom peers dubbed him the “Sanctimonious Gangster”!! Talk about taking your doo-doo and smearing it on your opponent’s bamsie!! But he revealed his thinking when he explained that the “electoral change” he wanted was for appeals on electoral matters to end at our Court of Appeals – and not the Caribbean Court of Appeal, which is our Apex Court!! Just because he was supported by the Court of Appeal that 33 isn’t the “majority” of 65?

Imagine that!! His mentor Burnham cut resorts to the British Privy Council for our final appeal – claiming the Brits didn’t understand us Caribbean people. He, however, supported the concept of the CCJ and now his sycophant wants out, because even our Caribbean cohorts don’t understand us? Where will this stop? When he can fly the flag over the Court of Appeal like Burnham? Until his elections protests are heard by Congress Place?!
All he wants is to game the electoral system to return to power!

…and GECOM

But Granger didn’t stop at wanting to upend our entire judicial system to wangle his way back into the Presidency. He went on to explain that the role of the CEO of the GECOM Secretariat should be “clarified”. We know what THIS means since he said he agreed with Lowenfield’s subjective alterations of the tabulated SoPs, which invalidated 115,000 voters. And not coincidentally, handed a victory to the PNC!! What this means, of course, is that voting will become a notional act which becomes real only after the GECOM CEO makes it so!!

Granger also feels the method of choosing the GECOM Chair – for the President to choose from a list of six submitted by the Opposition Leader – is too protracted. Since we know he actually “protracted” the process by rejecting THREE lists submitted by then Opposition Leader Jagdeo, his unilateral choice of James Patterson as Chair signals his preferred methodology!

This was confirmed when he added the Chair should be a Judge!!
Such a transparent wannabe dictator!

…in USA for what?

Your Eyewitness is still aghast at the CDC’s irresponsibility to announce that folks in public don’t have to wear masks and also indoors if they’re with others who’ve been vaccinated.
So, Americans can’t tell a lie?