EYEWITNESS: False alarm…


…or falsification on audits

You’d think the Government would be suffering from the “Crying Wolf Syndrome” by now, wouldn’t you??  You know…what happened to the boy who yelled “wolf!!” even when he was facing absolutely no danger. But yet the supporters of the Government keep on supporting the scapegoating of the PPP. How many times this Government screamed “wolf!” when it accused the PPP Administration of “siphoning off billions and billions” from the national coffers??

Asked what’s happening to 20 of the 45 audits that cost $133 million but haven’t even been reviewed by Cabinet, much less triggering any investigations, the subject Minister said there was “nothing alarming” about them!! Well, excuse me!!! Almost half of the agencies that the then Opposition cried “wolf” about being financially raped were actually “sheep”?? So what was all the hullaballoo about? Just throwing shade on the PPP…which is about the only thing this Government’s very good at.

Is this why the two auditors who conducted the majority of the audits have now become the two most trenchant critics of the Government?? Is it they were led to believe all the “wolf” cries were legitimate and now they’re really teed off at how they were bamboozled and led to become PPP baiters? Point of the matter, the PNC-led coalition was really only projecting all the “thiefing” that was on their mind, onto the PPP!

Because even on the audits that were passed on for prosecution, there needs to be an audit on how well founded any of them were. For sure there ain’t no 25 prosecutions going on right now!!  At the very best, there may be a handful – the GRDB, Pradoville 2; and NICIL comes to mind. And with the last, it is now revealed that the US$5 million that was supposed to’ve been received by the unit from the GTT share sales – have now been finally paid over – TO THIS PNC LED GOVERNMENT!!

Yet on the flip side, there are so many “siphoning off” shady deals by the PNC which, while we don’t expect them to “audit”, they shouldn’t be so brazen to stymie the Auditor General whose job it is to look into these matters! He can’t get no info from City Hall – which even their own Councillors have charged is a cesspool of corruption into which money simply disappears as if into a black hole!!

The AG just demanded info for the umpteenth time as well as from the folks that gave us the Jubilee “wood-ants” Park – the Homestretch Development Inc (HDI). The worthies in the latter scam include the former Education Minister who seems to have disappeared!
Is SOCU going to be “sic’d” on him?

…or dead end on Lindo Creek?

Your Eyewitness had objected to the Lindo Creek CoI because the PNC was starting at the end, rather than the beginning of the crime wave and attempted overthrow of the Government 1997-2008. But it seems that the best laid plans of mice and the PNC can go awry. And it has!! As we reported, the CoI was “postponed” when the lone Commissioner remained on his lonesome when no witnesses showed up.

Now there’s been an announcement which leaves it’s future up in the air – which is where the idea of this CoI was plucked from in the first place! – for the foreseeable future since no further hearing is being scheduled. They claim the witnesses are in remote locations. But really!! Isn’t the solution staring them in the face?? Since there’s only one Commissioner and (supposedly) many witnesses, why don’t they send the Commish to the witnesses? Mahomet oing to the mountain and all that!!

After all, he’s being paid a pretty hefty sum to just sift through the meagre “papers” on the case!

…or amnesia?

Why are some of the dailies studiously refusing to call the recent spurt of home attacks for what they are? KICK DOWN THE DOOR BANDITS??
If it walks like a duck…


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