Trio in custody over kidnapping of schoolgirls


Three men are in police custody assisting with investigations into the reported kidnapping of two schoolgirls in New Amsterdam on Tuesday.

This publication was informed that the girls were on their way home from school on Tuesday afternoon when the incident reportedly occurred.

Based on information received, a black vehicle pulled up alongside the two girls who were walking and they were subsequently pulled into the vehicle.

The girls reportedly resisted causing onlookers to become suspicious.

As such, the car was followed to an abandoned house at 36 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam.

The police and a relative of one of the girls were contacted and within moments were at the scene.

After police and subsequent back-up arrived, the three suspects who were in the building with the two girls were arrested.

The fourth suspect, the driver of the vehicle who took the girls to the abandoned building escaped with the vehicle.

The three suspects were taken into custody and the girls to the New Amsterdam Hospital to be medically examined.

While it was confirmed that no sexual activity occurred on Tuesday, it was also confirmed that the two schoolgirls were sexually active.

At the hospital, one of the girls reportedly said she was 16 years old and above the age of consent.

At the Criminal Investigation Department at the Central Police Station, the girl continued her claims stating that she lived with a grandparent.

She was asked to bring her guardian and a teenage girl turned up claiming that she was her cousin and the girl was released into the teenager’s custody.

“This is nonsense,” a relative of the other girl told this publication. “They did not even ask for any supporting documentation to verify her age. The incident happened when they were in school uniform, something is wrong,” the relative related.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the mother of the other girl was asked to produce documents to verify that she is indeed 14 years old.

The 14-year-old reportedly stated that she had sexual intercourse with one of the suspects on more than one occasion.

A relative told this publication that the police need to arrest the driver of the car who escaped, since he is an accessory to the crime. “He is part of it; he drove the vehicle and was the lookout. He is just as guilty.”

Investigations  are ongoing.


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