Eyewitness: Disappearing…


…GuySuCo’s assets

In a year of astonishing events, your Eyewitness is yet astounded by a statement he just read in the newspapers made by the GuySuCo Operations Manager: all the “field machinery in the three estates that we are reopening have ‘disappeared’”! You read that right: “DISAPPEARED”! Now, sugar estates’ “field machinery” aren’t little “hoes and shovels” any longer…that was done away with after slavery and indentureship.

After WWII, GuySuCo – then still privately owned by British firms like Bookers – introduced a move to increase the “mechanization” of its field operations. Scads of huge TRACTORS were purchased to plough the fields – and, in one stroke, displaced thousands of workers who used to fork the soil – going much deeper than before to increase the aeration of the cane roots. Some smaller tractors were also used for pulling punts filled with workers to the fields in the mornings, and punts filled with cane to the factories in the afternoons. The huge tractors for “mechanical tillage” were a revolutionary step in the sugar plantations, to increase productivity – and of course cost a bundle.

Leaving nothing to the imagination as to what the Manager was talking about, GuySuCo announced they were requisitioning $1.5 BILLION for the replacement of tractors. Even though they explained that these latest tractors were more specialised for cane farming, and were costlier…we’re yet talking about BILLIONS for just replacing tractors that “disappeared”!!

But the point your Eyewitness wants to emphasise is that if TRACTORS could disappear, what about other pieces of equipment and assets of GuySuCo?? Are the ploughs that the tractors pulled also gone? Have the EXCAVATORS and dredges (draglines) that kept the canals clear also disappeared? What about all the computers and other equipment in the estates’ offices? Or vehicles that all managers and supervisors were supplied with? Gone with the wind?

Well, we know that was just a figure of speech, don’t we? These things just don’t “disappear” in the wind: they were LOOTED and sold for a pittance on the QT. And don’t let’s hear about being “given away”. GuySuCo never authorised any “giving away” of its property – that was the work of the SPU which took control of GuySuCo’s shuttered estates’ assets. And we come to the man who has to explain what the heck happened: Heath-London, the same fella who went into a frenzy of giving away GuySuCo’s lands!

London must be made to account for the disappearance of GuySuCo’s assets. Even if he didn’t steal them, he was made responsible for their assets – he was GuySuCo’s bailee, so to speak, and had a fiduciary duty to secure their safekeeping. The Opposition PNC will now make much political hay about new investment in the sugar industry.

They should also ask what happened to GuySuCo’s assets!

…licences to steal

After letting him swing in the wind for a month, the Police finally arrested PNC-affiliated lawyer James Bond for questioning in his role in the lands’ giveaway at Peters Hall. Like good strategists, the law enforcement officials started on the outside and slowly worked their way to the centre – the bag man!! And as with all good bag men, we know that he knows who the intellectual authors of this massive looting of Guyana’s wealth are.

Don’t for a moment think that a fella was in reality is no more than Volda’s Lawrence’s purse carrier planned all of this. This is waaaay above his pay grade! As your Eyewitness has already pointed out, the five-month delay occasioned by the PNC’s rigging attempt was driven by many desperations. And covering their tracks in their looting of state assets in all its forms was one of those “desperations”.

The Police just have to follow the money.

To get info from Bond, he must be shaken AND stirred!

…rig tactic

After WWI, the French built a wall where the Germans had invaded – and thought they were invincible. In WWII, the Germans simply circled AROUND the wall to defeat the Frenchies in a romp.

The PPP just wheeled around the PNC’s old “rigging” wall!