Eyewitness: Desperately seeking…


…the PNC

Your Eyewitness is getting a tad worried about the PNC. He’s quite aware that after almost a year of COVID-19 lockdown, a lot of folks have sunken into depression. Cabin fever writ large! Is this why the runner-up party is only heard from so desultorily and sporadically after their March 2 rigging heist? Or are they, perchance, embarrassed – or even ashamed – about the said attempt?

But what makes their silence even more inexplicable to your Eyewitness is that, with so many PNCs around, you’d think they’d be so aggressive in promoting their iteration that the media would have to fight them off with a stick – or several sticks! Yes, you got that right – there’re several PNCs right now. How do we count different versions?

Well, we could do worse than start with Aubrey Norton and his iteration. Aubrey’s been around for donkey years, but for some reason he’s always been not even the bridesmaid – just the water boy. When he was made PNC Chair back in the day, Desmond Hoyte summarily banished him from the position. When questioned as to why he did so, he said that Norton was merely his “creature”. Not as in “the Creature from the Black Lagoon”, as many persons snickered, but that he was someone the Leader appointed. But the “creature” label unfortunately stuck! Up to then. Some had figured he might’ve been groomed into Desmond Hoyte’s Hamilton Green – Burnham’s go-to thug.

Well, like Freddy (the one from the Halloween series!), Norton keeps coming back…and back. You remember him taking on Volda Lawrence for the Chairmanship of the Georgetown PNC branch in 2009 and being soundly whupped? He later showed up at the 2011 Congress at Congress Place to run against David Granger for the Leadership role. That’s chutzpah! The man really sees himself as leadership material! So, this is why your Eyewitness is taken back that he’s the invisible man now, when the PNC really needs some direction.

Then there’s Volda. As the incumbent Chairman of the PNC, how could she take her exclusion from the PNC MP brigade to Parliament lying down? She’s been there in the PNC trenches of Georgetown for the longest while and clawed her way to the top. It’s clear that her support-base is quite intact as seen from the turnout she got when she showed up in Court to face rigging-related fraud charges. So, why her silence – especially after seizing the moral high ground from Granger on his WCB incitement?

And, of course, there’s Granger – who became Leader via the aforementioned rigged internal election in 2011.

But with his abysmal record, one can understand his reticence – and silence!


No…your Eyewitness isn’t about to belt out The Rolling Stones old “I can’t get no satisfaction”! He might be a lot of things, but a leering Mick Jagger he ain’t! But seriously, folks, isn’t it about time that these scientists start giving us some better news about the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine? No matter how you cut it, slice it, or dice it, the quality of life has certainly deteriorated. And your Eyewitness isn’t no party animal.

But like all humans, he’s a social being – as old Aristotle conceded way back in time. Social as in needing human relationships to not only keep him entertained but actually to give his life meaning. What this COVID-19 has done is to hurtle our life into the Bladerunner era without any preparation. Are all our social needs to be satisfied virtually? Well, it ain’t working for your Eyewitness!

But he does see the irony of mankind who’s able to send men to the moon and back.

Yet unable to fight off an entity that’s not even “alive”!


What is it with this letter-writer with the alphabet-soup name – GHIJK Lall? Can’t he get a life?

Or is he hoping the PPP will appoint him to some board just to ship him up? Like the PNC did?