EYEWITNESS: Dazzling them…


…with industrial-strength BS

It seems this PNC-led Government is diligently following the advice of the droll comedian WC Fields, who once famously suggested: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsh*t.” With their eyes firmly fixed on 2020 and the “Dead Meat” that the soon-to-be-discarded AFC has become, the PNC’s giving the Amerindians the ole full-court-press!! And there isn’t even a basketball in sight – it’s all BS!!

Take the “Industrial Park” that’s supposed to be sprouting in Lethem like a Jumbie Umbrella. Can the powers-that-be say exactly which industry they plan to open up there? And if they protest they’ve jettisoned their “State capitalism” orientation from the old days, can they then say which companies they’re encouraging with appropriate inducements to plunk down their had earned cash on the plains of the Rupununi??

Truth of the matter, this Government can’t get a single new business to even set up shop in Linden – which is so chock-full of PNCites they named their town after the Founder Leader!! The industrial site is the same “bait and switch” conmen use to set up their marks. Some other stories from the region reveal the real attitude of the PNC to Amerindians.

Firstly, they’ve refused to honour the promise they made on the campaign trail back in 2015 to demarcate the extension to the Amerindians at Nappi village – which was part and parcel of the agreement between the kingdom of Norway and the Government of Guyana under the Amerindian Titling project. This would be a real test of the Government’s bona fides when it comes to being in the Amerindians’ corner.

But we know this will never happen – for the simple reason that the PNC has always opposed giving title to lands which the Amerindians have a right to –as acknowledged by Annex C of the Independence Agreement. All the Amerindians have to do is show they’ve been living on lands from “time immemorial” – which is not as ancient as it sounds!! – and the land should be demarcated. On the other hand, the PNC’s busy setting up COIs for “Ancestral Lands” for their supporters.

With titled lands, Amerindians can make a living anyway they choose to – and not wait for some manna to fall on the industrial site at Lethem. Another sign of the PNC’s real disdain for the Amerindians was their creation of a lake on the wetlands of the Rupununi without any consultation with the people living there as to how this would affect their lifestyle. The PNC’s attitude as revealed, of course, is “Who cares?”

But Amerindians should follow another bit of advice from WC Fields: “Hell, I never vote for anybody, I always vote against.”

…with pic on high

Your Eyewitness wasn’t surprised the PNC – and even the President himself – gave out kites in Berbice with the picture of Granger on them!! The man’s just following in the footsteps of his mentor Burnham – who’d placed his picture on the exercise books of the long suffering students of Guyana. No wonder the education system collapsed!! How could the kids concentrate on their work, when the visage of the man who’s caused them to do without breakfast stared back at them??

But back to Granger’s pic. Some may feel this is heresy since it was at Easter time Jesus ascended into the heavens. But didn’t Granger say it was “God’s work” he won the last election?? And while it was written that one from the LINE of David would rise into the skies, maybe this time around, David himself is rising?

Be that as it may, this is all in step with the “David Buses”, “David Bicycles” and “David Boats” that will lead to the “David Rig” come 2020!!

…with duty-free

The PNC fella who just lost the Mayorship of Linden is now President of the Guyana Association of Municipalities (GAM). And he’s now demanding duty-free vehicles for all members.

But since he’s not a Mayor any longer, he won’t ask for one, will he?



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