…and orders

The AFC says they’ve delivered an “ultimatum” to PNC Leader David Granger – as head of APNU – to tell them what exactly will be their spoils in the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE). And that’s all this is about, isn’t it?? Spoils!! But it’s clear the AFC learnt absolutely NOTHING from their first go at extracting SPOILS from Granger and the PNC. That was in the negotiations for the Cummingsburg Accord that was announced with great fanfare on Valentine’s Day, 2015.

Love might’ve been in the air then, but as the AFC found out, that disappeared pretty quickly!! The ‘agreement” to have Moses Nagamootoo chair the Cabinet meetings was dropped like a hot potato when Granger said, “Oops!! Didn’t realise the Constitution doesn’t permit that!!”  Well, the Constitution doesn’t permit him to unilaterally appoint the chair of GECOM, but that didn’t stop him from doing that, did it? But the AFC accepted Nagamootoo’s neutering without even a whimper.

They said, “Wait till the Accord is renegotiated in three years’ time!!” Well three years have come and gone!! Granger simply said, “No need to renegotiate.” And the AFC bleated “Yes sir!!” like the neutered sheep they’d become!! So what’ll be different at this LGE?? Nothing, since they gave away whatever leverage they might’ve had when they announced they’d be going into the LGE in coalition with the PNC/APNU!!

They pretty much told Granger, “Do wha’ yuh want wid me!!” And believe you me, dear reader, Granger will be “doing” it to them good!! Apart from putting Nagamootoo out to pasture with a column in the Chronic, Granger had outwitted the AFC on the coup they thought they’d executed at Cummingsburg when they were to get “40 per cent of the Cabinet”. Granger simply doubled the size of the Cabinet with junior Ministers and gave most of these to the AFC!! Stock inflation!! And as for the senior ones like Security and Education, he simply removed the substantive authority!! The AFC was left holding the bag!!

So what the AFC can expect when Granger gets around to meeting them? They’ll be ordered (and that’s what it’ll be!) to nominate candidates in the Indian areas they claimed they stole from the PPP to put the coalition over the hump in 2015. But that’s exactly what they were trying to avoid when they opted to be joined at the hip to the PNC at the LGE!!
They realised over the past three years, they’d become DEAD MEAT!! But Granger will be telling them to put up or shut up!!

The PNC faithful were never convinced the AFC brought much to the table. And they want the LGE to sus them out!!

…on UK responsibility

After coming down like a ton of bricks on poor little countries like us for “laundering money” through our financial and banking system, England at long last has been forced to deal with her own gargantuan role in all of this latest bee in the bonnet of the developed countries. So, there’s the news that the English Caribbean territories will have to tighten up their “loose” regulations through which a whole lotta laundering’s going on.

The announcement makes it appear as if this is a “Caribbean” problem – which drags our sh*thole country into the nasty business. But these “territories” are completely controlled by England – they can’t even sneeze without England’s permission!! So whatever hanky panky’s going on with laundering money…it’s all made kosher by England!! Just like the bigger piece of the laundering pie emanating in the City of London!

And let us not even get the Channel Islands of England’s laundering. But that’s the way the (financial) cookie crumbles!
Blame the darky!!

…on labour

Well so much for Lincoln Lewis calling for the Opposition to call for a Ministry of Labour. Even before the PPP could lay an egg, much less a motion in Parliament, President Granger said, “No way, José!!”

Made it look as if he’s asked to increase the NUMBER of Ministries!!



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