…the elections ruse

In the just-concluded appeal of the PPP to have the AFC candidate at the LGE for the Whim area removed – because the “backers’ list” had the names of individuals that were obtained under false pretences – the Judge ruled there wasn’t evidence to support the allegation. And who were charged with collecting the evidence? Well, the Police – under the command of Khemraj Ramjattan, Chairman of the AFC!!

Now the Police may be as honest as the day is long … but didn’t the Judge think they might’ve been influenced even a teeny-weeny bit by the thought their boss might be looking over their shoulder? But that’s not the only anomaly? Didn’t the Judge think there were some aspects of the Police “investigation” that stuck out like a sore thumb – or smelt like “dead meat”?

Take the assertion that they couldn’t find even one of the three Nagamootoos, who were the AFC organisers in Whim. Now your Eyewitness mightn’t have attended school in Whim like Granger did when he and Nagamootoo were tykes, but he does know Whim has a police station – the reason for Granger’s brief sojourn with his policeman dad! And those Police couldn’t find those Nagamootoos?? Please!! If you throw a brick in any direction in Whim, you’re sure to hit a Nagamootoo!! They’re like “Allicocks” in the South Rupununi!!

And then again, in such a crucial matter as allegations of electoral fraud – did the Police think of calling the Nagamootoo’s big brother (or Moo Moo, as the case may be) – Moses Nagamootoo, who now hangs his hat in Georgetown?? Surely, he’d know where his relatives were, since he’s the source of their recent good fortune!! And just as significantly, his only supporters in Whim!!

Then again, since the Judge was looking for “evidence” and there were just about a dozen names involved, couldn’t he have just questioned them directly?? With his years on the bench, couldn’t he have been able to detect truth from fiction from their body language and all of that?  As it is, it looks like this disappearing act of folks involved in the elections might be the new mechanism to rig without actually rigging. Going AWOL to create electoral SNAFUs!!

Wasn’t this the same stunt GECOM CEO Lowenfield pulled at the beginning of this “fake list” operation? When PPP operatives first detected the fraud on the fake list, they rushed to the Returning Officer of the district to have the AFC candidate removed, because the deadline was imminent. He said he couldn’t get in touch with Lowenfield, whose permission was necessary.

Claimed he was with his lawyer for eight hours and turned off his phone!!
Planning his defence on those radio sets??

…our Borders?

Your Eyewitness was startled, to say the least, when he read that immigration officers are now stationed at Parika. Why? Well, to intercept all those Venezuelans fleeing their devastated country and coming into our fair land.  Are we implicitly relocating our western border to the Essequibo and conceding Venezuela’s ridiculous claim?

And how will this screening of the  Venez’s be done? Do Felix and his immigration interrogators expect the Venez’s to waltz into their office at Parika? Or is he going to profile people “who look like Venez’s”? This raises another can of worms – which should’ve been unnecessary in the first case. Isn’t the GDF – with its land and sea components – supposed to be guarding our borders to control infiltrators and refugees?

And if you respond that the GDF is busy guarding us (from Camp Ayanganna) and (Camp Groomes) from that evil Maduro, wouldn’t the Border be the place for THAT also??
And why all that smoke in the jungle in Operation Greenheart? Your Eyewitness was sooo impressed!

…the guards?

Following up on the “protection” question posed above, wasn’t the newly-formed People’s Militia – and now fully manned – supposed to protect us civvies in the event of an attack by those dastardly (and hungry) Venez’s?


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