Overseas-based Guyanese donates over $1M to dismissed East Canje, Skeldon sugar workers


An overseas-based Guyanese on Wednesday donated in excess of $1M in cash and other items to some 200 dismissed sugar workers of the Rose Hall and Skeldon Estates who were left jobless in 2017 when the current administration began the process of downsizing.

The workers who gathered at East Canje and Corriverton all received $5000 each as well as being treated to lunch.

Some of the former workers also received school bags to assist their children with school.

The donor, who wished to remain anonymous, left Guyana at the age of 19 in 1982. Over the past six years he has been returning to Guyana to assist with local development.

He told Inews that in New York where he currently lives; many Guyanese are disappointed with the move by Government to close two of the three sugar estates in Berbice.

According to the donor, a strong reminder needs to be sent to the President that Region six depended heavily on sugar and as such, the closures saw several sectors in the region being affected.

Regional Chairman David Armogan who attended the donation event told this online news agency that the impact of the closure is being felt far and wide since dismissed workers who have family abroad are dependent on their assistance to survive.

“It has put more stain on them because they have to be handing money and other things to send to their family members back home and some of those family members also worked with the estate before they left Guyana so they understand what has happened and how serious it is. That is why whenever a government Minister goes to New York, he or she is greeted with scores of protestors because those Guyanese recognize what the government is doing to their country,” Armagon said.

In December of last year, 1851 workers of the Skeldon Estate and 1181 of the Rose Hall Estate were sent home.

Following several protest actions taken, most of the former workers were paid half of their severance package and have been promised the balance before the end of the 2018.


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