Exxon vessel recommences seismic operations in Stabroek Block

High capacity marine seismic vessel Ramform Tethys (PGS photo)

After a harrowing encounter late last year with the Venezuelan navy attempting to board it while it was carrying out seismic tests, Norwegian vessel Ramform Tethys has recommenced its seismic operations in the Stabroek Block on Exxon’s behalf.

According to a notice from the Maritime Administration Department, works commenced over the weekend.

The department noted that the 3 and 4D survey would take place in the Southern portion of the Stabroek Block.

It is understood that the survey will conclude on April 12 of 2019. Besides the Ramform Tethys, two other vessels will take part in the operation.

These vessels are the Thor Magni and the Delta Monarch. They will cover approximately 1,240 square kilometres of ocean in their data collection.

While providing coordinates for the areas they would work, MARAD also warned local vessels to give these Norwegian vessels their space.

The Ramform Tethys is owned by Norwegian company Petroleum Geo-Services, which was contracted by Exxon to do Seismic tests in the block.

The ship was reportedly forced to pack up shop and leave the area on December 22 when the Venezuelan navy intercepted and tried to land a helicopter on its deck.

The incident came at a time when Guyana has an on-going territorial integrity case with Venezuela.

It prompted Exxon to suspend its seismic activities, advanced concisely through diplomatic exchanges between Caracas and Georgetown and even led the US State Department to rebuke of Venezuela.




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