‘Extreme disorder’ results in 16 inmates being shot at Lusignan prison- DPI


…says no one died, nor did any prisoner escape

The new holding area of the Lusignan Prison where the riots occurred  (DPI photo)

Following reports of a prison riot at the Lusignan penitentiary’s new holding area, where approximately 400 prisoners transferred from Camp Street are held, the Department of Public Information (DPI) has confirmed that Prison Wardens were left with no choice but to use force to calm the ‘excessive disorder’ being exhibited by the inmates.

Based on reports received, Sixteen prisoners were shot and are suffering from minor injuries, while another four suffered injuries as a result of fights among the prisoners. There were no deaths or escapes.

According to the DPI, “Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels, late this afternoon, confirmed that at approximately 16:20hrs today inmates at the holding area of the Lusignan Prison were involved in a series of assaults and aggressive conduct which resulted in extreme disorder and threatened their own safety, that of the joint services team providing security and could have escalated further and compromise the integrity of the facility.”

The DPI said, as a last resort, the use of force, including firearms, was required to restore order and maintain the integrity of the holding facility.

Three prisoners, who suffered minor gunshot wounds and two who suffered injuries as a result of fights, were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation for treatment while the others were being treated on site at the Lusignan Prison Infirmary.

“None of those who were shot are, at this time, deemed to be in a life-threatening condition” said the DPI.

The Guyana Prison Service says it regrets that this course of action had to be taken but noted that it was left with no other option given the “extreme disorder which broke out in the holding area and the refusal of the prisoners to heed the commands of the officers to desist.”



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