Ex-GDF rank freed of illegal gun, ammo charges

FREED: Jamal Hazel
FREED: Jamal Hazel

Several months after being on remand for a series of illegal firearm possession, Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman on Friday dismissed the case involving Jamal Hazel, a former Lance Corporal of the Guyana Defense Force (GDF) who is accused of committing a series of robberies and possession of firearm and matching ammunitions.

Defense Attorney Ravindra Mohabir informed the court that the police obtained a caution statement from his client by force. He is claiming that his client was severely beaten by the police to confess to the allegation.

However, after proving to the court that his client was innocent of the charge, Magistrate Latchman dismissed the matter.

Moreover, Hazel was also charged earlier this year for allegedly carrying out a series of robberies around Georgetown, by trailing victims on his motorcycle and robbing them at gunpoint.

However, all the robbery charges were dismissed due to lack of susbstantial evidence in the matters.



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