Two missing after plane crashes in Bahamas


NASSAU, Bahamas (CMC) – Police have launched an investigation into the crash of a six-seat aircraft that left West Palm Beach in Florida and disappeared from the radar in the area of Nirvana Beach on Thursday night.

Police said the two people who were on board the PA-27 six seater, registration number N8383C, have not been seen since the plane reportedly went down in the waters near the beach.

“Reports are that shortly after 8:00pm, police on New Providence, received reports from Air Traffic Control that a plane had disappeared from the radar in the area of Nirvana Beach and believed to have crashed in waters nearby, a short time after the pilot had reported that the door to the aircraft had flown open,” the police said in a statement..

It said that search and rescue teams from Royal Bahamas Police, Royal Bahamas Defense Force and BASRA located the aircraft and efforts to locate survivors are being continued.

“Police and the Department of Civil Aviation will continue investigation into this incident,” the statement said


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