“Everybody is somebody’s friend” – Harmon defends GWI CEO

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Minister of State, Joseph Harmon has defended the hiring of two persons at the Guyana Water Inc (GWI), both of whom are friends of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The men were hired without the posts being advertised. iNews had reported that soon after he was appointed CEO of the state entity in October, Dr Richard Van West Charles hired Lance Mars as a Consultant within the Bill Department and Lear Goring as the Manager of the Debt Recovery Unit.

When contacted for a comment on the matter on Monday, December 07, the CEO told iNews that those persons who are concerned about his decision to hire the two men should write the Board of GWI.

The CEO also confirmed that the two men were known to him personally. Asked whether it was government’s policy to fill such posts without ads being placed, Minister Harmon defended the CEO’s decision, saying that it is a non-issue as long as the men were qualified.

Dr Richard Van West Charles.
Dr Richard Van West Charles.

“Well they are qualified…let me say this… Guyana is a small country and we have to utilize the resources that are available to us…everybody is somebody’s friend,” said Harmon.



  1. “Well they are qualified…let me say this… Guyana is a small country and we have to utilize the resources that are available to us…everybody is somebody’s friend,” said Harmon. I love this comment by the minister… i have given over forty years of service to Guyana. I am a human resource trying to be employed using my years of experience in three disciplines, but to no avail

  2. “Everybody is somebody’s friend” – Harmon defends GWI CEO

    Ropenarine –Nagamaammoo – Rumjhaat have no friends.

    Yall think SN and KN will pelt lash pon PNC for this?
    Had PPP been in power and done this you bet your life on it SN and KN would pound PPP into the dirt.
    Hey …. most Guyanese knows why SN and KN cant pelt lash on PNC.
    They all know PNC track record on the independent free press.
    SN and KN both knows that PNC bosses would not loose any sleep in shutting them down. All independent free media in Guyana must tow -have no other choice but to toe PNC line at all times. They all are very much afraid of PNC knowing what PNC is capable of doing to those whom oppose PNC.
    Yall think its easy life for Ropenarine- Nagamammoo and Rumjhaat?
    Hell no ! They cant talk now they cant back out now.
    They know what PNC will do if they back off now.
    They cant hire their friends to the big jobs like PNC doing.
    They cant share the loot like PNC doing.
    They have to sit back relax and take it up their rear. They have no other choice.
    They know they will be —-DEAD MEAT- PNC will make sure of that if they only talk about the wrongs PNC doing to the Guyanese people.

  3. When will this Defacto Government put the breaks on illegal practices. While in opposition they cry fowl. This Harmon fella continues with his arrogance which is becoming a major concern for most of us. If a few weeks time Harmon will be apologizing for this too and to makeup for his mistakes he will continue to donate the people money back to them. Only those who are idiots will believe he is a good guy.

  4. You surely are right @flash 99. I could understand the hiring of the consultant, but in the case of the managerial position, it should be fair game for all qualified citizens to tender their applications. I am saying this from an HR perspective. The man hired for the managerial position is not the only one in the entirety of Guyana qualifed to for the ambit, and he is certainly not the the only person fit to do the job well. That can be attested to because no one else was given an opportunity to contest him.

  5. Why did you Harmon and APNU+AFC criticized the NEW GPC DRUGS deal with Ministry of Health and now you are defending the same behavior now you are in government? This is very hypocritical. Where is the transparency that was spoken about before May 11th 2015?

  6. For a while Harmon was quiet. Now as soon as he opens his mouth there goes the ignorance. This guy is going to get the government in trouble. Mr President please stop Harmon from making comments
    It is going to cost you if he continues. This guy is Very Stupid.

  7. The arrogance and dismissive response is, sadly, becoming the hallmark of this administration. How quickly they have sunken into the pit of corruption.

  8. I really don’t know how this guy is the mouthpiece of the ruling government because every time he open his mouth he stick his foot in it,,, talking about been qualified is this guy the new benchmark of qualification the government is meriting


  10. Wow. Harpman is showing increasing disdain and arrogance towards Guyanese. The PNC will do as they like because they are backed by the USA. EI are getting a taste of the dark days (old PNC days). EI are being fired and Afros are filling their posts. It’s a good life for all PNC family and friends. Can’t say Grincher was a liar!

  11. In various agencies and companies around the world, there is a practice of wanting to hire John Doe, but to make it look like the process is being fair, the job is advertised to attract multiple applications.
    Sometimes the wording of the vacancy is even tailored specifically to suit the exact qualifications and experience of John Doe.
    Then the formality begins with the vacancy being advertised for about two weeks, followed by applicants being interviewed over a week or two. Eventually, John Doe lands the job, but it was his to take from the outset.
    I said that to say that Joe Harmon and Richard Van West Charles dropped the ball here. Yet another political gaffe or faux pas.
    And Harmon needs to work on his arrogant and dismissive response to questions about actions by the coalition, because his reaction here compounds his ‘no apology’ response weeks ago and for which he was hammered and belatedly apologized.
    BTW, whatever happened to the post for Youth Director that was originally supposed to be filled by the AFC’s Trevor Williams, but had to be shelved after a public outcry? Was it ever advertised and filled?

  12. “Everybody is somebody’s friend” – Harmon defends GWI CEO
    This is how brutal dictators operates once installed by US. They do as pleased:
    But the beauty of this is the tree clowns that were told to join PNC to make it appear as though is an ethnic unity thing cant say a word.
    Naga Rumjhaat RopeNarine cant hire their friends nor can they spend big bucks like how the ex GDF boys spending and hiring.
    PNC tried to Africanize Guyanese before but it failed but make no mistake this time.
    You hear the man statement . “Everybody is somebody friend” sorry East Indiana and the other ethnicity you have to be “friends” with PNC people in order to survive. This is exactly where PNC taking Guyana.

  13. This is no excuse. The vacancies should have been advertised and the best candidates chosen. This is blatant nepotism, jobs for friends and family. Corruption is widespread in this government.

  14. That is a clock and bull stories get to the point you are telling nonsence to the public talk something and later you are sorry notting but a fool to yourself

  15. This is the most bovine answer that has ever came out of Harmons mouth.
    He seems to be getting worse with his PR on a daily basis.
    It has nothing to do with friends …
    was procedures followed? The answer is no.
    Twas the same thing they said about the PPP.

  16. I think there should be principles and protocols involved in employing people regardless of friendship. Posts should be advertised in relevant places and persons should be able to apply and be interviewed and shortlisted etc. It should not based on friendship and who knows who.
    That’s the case then do not moan about the PPP as you are now giving them ammunition. But all seems clue less out there. Poor managerial skills. God help Guyana.

  17. Mr Harmon, the posts should still have been advertised and shortlisted applicants invited for an interview. If these two person applied, they would have still been given the nod because these persons were favoured. Going through the process would have been just formality just to satisfy the the law. Then and only then it would have been ”a non-issue as long as the men were qualified”. But this administration has become so power drunk that you feel everything you do is beyond reproach. You criticised the previous administration of cronyism and now you have perfected that art.


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