Essequibo Rice Farmers continue protest action of payments

Rice farmers protesting


Rice farmers protesting for immediate payments for their paddy on Friday at Anna Regina.[] – Scores of rice farmers led by Alliance For Change [AFC] Councillor on the Region Two Democratic council Mr. Naithram held another protest at Anna Regina this morning [Friday, July 04] to press demands for Rice Millers who purchased their paddy several months ago to pay them immediately.

Farmers, who were armed with placards, marched along the public road in the commercial center of the Town to press their demands for payments.

The protest, which started last week in the Town attracted more farmers this week with several women calling on millers to pay them now for their produce.

The march also included a handmade farmer hanging from a rope around his neck to indicate that farmers are committing suicide because of the current payment problems.

The message of suicide was demonstrated to the public via the hanged dummy on a tractor drawn trailer. After the march ended on the public road, the farmers then assembled on top the Anna Regina high bridge just opposite the Guyana Rice Development Board office and the Office of Regional Chairman Mr Parmanand Persaud, where the protest continued.

Several farmers drove their tractors and trailers and parked them around the high bridge while others were seen cooking in large pots.

On Thursday, officials of the GRDB and RPA visited the Region and held two meetings at Golden Fleece and Better Success with farmers to address the payment problems.

General Manager, Jagnarine Singh said the GRDB is aware of the payment problems and is trying to help millers to ship their paddy and rice to markets overseas. Farmers have vowed to keep up the protest until they are paid.



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