Essequibo residents to protest shelving of $10,000 cash grant

Flashback: Parents sign to receive the Education Grant.
Flashback: Parents sign to receive the Education Grant.
Flashback: Parents sign to receive the Education Grant.

[] – Some residents of Essequibo are not pleased with the move by the President David Granger led APNU+AFC administration to discontinue the $10,000 cash grant that was started last year under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration.

Hundreds of residents from Essequibo – mostly women – have threatened to take to the streets with protest actions if the governing APNU+AFC Coalition do not revisit its plans to shelve the cash grant.

Residents told Regional Chairman Devanand Ramdatt and Vice Chairperson Nandranie Coonjah that they are frustrated by the move, which they described as a huge injustice to the poor.

The parents say they are at a loss as to why they are being denied the financial aid so that children can pursue their education. Other residents said the education grant assisted them in many ways to send their children to school.

Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman, told a post cabinet media briefing on Wednesday, July 15 that the initiative was badly implemented and that it is “fiscally unsustainable.”

He said that the project is currently under review and that government wants to ensure that the poor and vulnerable should be the main beneficiaries.

“Cabinet has been advised that it is fiscally unsustainable because when one studies development economics, when you give a grant or a cash transfer, it has to be targeted; it must be accompanied or guided by a means test, so that you ensure the most vulnerable in society are the sole or if not the primary beneficiaries, that is the poorest of the poor,” Minister Trotman said.




  1. For all who saying that ppp supporters making too many children. ..I should remind you that those children are the ones who have both mother and fathers who instill in them morals unlile the pnc supporters who go from one child father to the other and thier childred grow up to be the ones the state need to support cause they grow up to be useless to the society thus unable to contribute

  2. This is only the beginning. More cuts to come.

    Under the PPP/C administration Guyanese did not realized how much was granted or done for them.

    Now these so called APNU/AFC=PNC supporters will soon realized that they voted for a collation that won’t look out for their interest. These men/women were looking for power simply because they are power hungry.

  3. The cash grant is great,but,the ones who want to protest is the PPP pushing them to do that since they are making kids and actually forget that PPP was punishing all of us. Now that PPP is OUT they now realise that the money is now useful. Make what y’all can maintain. You all become too dependent.

  4. Has it occurred to these women that they shouldn’t make pickney they have to depend on other people to mind???


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