Essequibo Coast tomb raided; skeletal remains missing

The tomb that was raided

The tomb of a woman buried in 1994 has been raided and her skeletal remains are missing.

The discovery was made a few days ago by a cattle farmer at the La Belle Alliance Cemetery, Essequibo Coast.

Enid Warner was buried there some 25 years ago.

Upon inspection, relatives noticed that most of her skeletal remains were no longer there and they suspect that it was stolen by the raiders.

Enid Warner

According to the daughter, Gail Warner, there was nothing of value in the tomb.

When Inews visited the scene, it was observed that the skull and other parts of the skeleton was missing.

Only a few small bones and the woman’s clothing were there.

Neighbours living on the opposite side of the graveyard recalled hearing heavy knocking during the evening hours about a week ago.

Calls are being made for the police to treat the matter seriously.



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