ERC calls for prevailing calm among Guyanese


The current political situation in Guyana is not going unnoticed by the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) and the entity is calling for the prevailing calm to remain in what it described as a hallmark “in a demonstration of our ability as a people to resolve our challenges” in a mature way.

The ERC said that by doing so, this would ensure that the welfare of both the nation and all Guyanese is placed on the front burner.

“The Commission, therefore, takes this opportunity to remind all involved of the need to exercise utmost care to not exacerbate tensions and incite; to be tolerant of our differences and the right to amicably disagree and to demonstrate mutual respect for each other when making public utterances keeping in mind the impact of influence. Importantly, this sense of being thoroughly responsible must not be confined to meetings and the traditional media outlets, but be extended to social media as well,” the ERC said.

The ERC further reminded that its monitoring department will continue to stringently monitor pronouncements.

Mindful of the need for maturity even in disagreement, the Commission said it remains optimistic that time will reveal that, as a nation, these challenges will be “resolved through our common goals for peace and unity for Guyana and Guyanese deserve nothing less.”

These sentiments come on the heels of the peaceful country-wide protest held by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) where thousands of the party’s supporters on Friday morning protested the Government’s action on matters on national concerns.






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