Enterprise resident stabbed to death by ‘deportee’


By Kurt Campbell

The motionless body of the now dead Rajin Chattergoon-Persaud a.k.a ‘fatboy'. [iNews' Photo]
The motionless body of the now dead Rajin Chattergoon-Persaud a.k.a ‘fatboy’. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsuyana.com] – The body of 43-year-old Rajin Chattergoon-Persaud a.k.a ‘fatboy’ was found a few miles from his 458 Church Street, Enterprise, East Coast Demerara home on Tuesday night (October 8).

The body which bore stab wounds to the abdomen was discovered by residents in the area at about 8:30 hrs.

According to the dead man’s lone daughter 20-year-old Christina Persaud, she was in classes when she received a call from her mother, informing her that her father was stabbed.

She said upon their arrival at the scene- Hymax, Enterprise Gardens- she discovered her father lying motionless face down.

The emotional youth told iNews however, that the family has good reason to believe a man they identified as “deportee” may have stabbed her father.

She explained that her father worked for the Guyana Sugar Corporation (Guysuco), but resigned so that he could continue work on a house he was constructing. The young lady explained that ‘deportee’ would always come around and would tease her father from time to time.

She related that her father would always chase the man away since he posed a threat.

“He would always come around with a knife, the other night he bore one of the men that works with my father in his hand,” the dead man’s daughter said.

Meanwhile, a friend of the man also expressed the belief that ‘deportee’ may have killed Persaud.

He alleged that the man who was reportedly deported from the United States was involved in criminal activities and smokes cocaine.

Persaud’s friend also recalled seeing him earlier, about an hour before the gruesome discovery.

When iNews arrived on the scene police investigators were seen carrying out their investigation. The alleged killer is believed to have gone into hiding. One person said they saw him fleeing the scene of the crime on a bicycle.


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