Enterprise home destroyed by fire, arson suspected


…Police hunting three suspects

Investigators of the “C” Division, East Coast Demerara (ECD) are now on the hunt for three men who reportedly barged into an Enterprise, East Coast Demerara house and set it alight on Friday afternoon.

The two storey wooden and concrete house owned by 30-year-old, Vickram Sookraj was set alight at about 12:30h.

This publication understands that two of the men exited a silver car which they arrived in, entered the yard and asked for the whereabouts of person called “pumpkin”.

Rajputtie Sookraj, the sister of the owner who was at home alone at the time with a child said that the men approached her and asked for the individual for whom they were looking.

However, she said that she responded by telling the men that no one by that name lives at that house.

The two men reportedly walked up a step leading to the upper flat of the house and one of them entered.

The woman said that shortly after, the said man exited the house and walked back down the step telling her “I did just want to make certain that he wasn’t here” before they both re-entered the vehicle and drover off the scene.

Shortly after smoke was seen emanating from the building. As such, the woman quickly exited the house with the child and the Fire Service was summoned.

When the Fire Service arrived, they battled the blaze but by the time the fire was contained, the house was already destroyed.

This publication spoke to the Sookraj who had just returned from sea to find his house on fire.

The visibly distraught man said “I went on the river and not too long I came back and see the house on fire. I went out on the sea for a number of days”.

He further related that his wife along with his baby were at the hospital since Thursday since the child is sick.

However Sookraj explained that inspections revealed that the fire started in the middle room in the upper flat of the house.

The seaman estimated his losses to be in the millions while noting that both he and his sister had a lot of furniture in their house. Sookraj is calling on the authorities to quickly bring the perpetrators to justice as he and his family are now left homeless.



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