Engineer charged with shooting fiancé to death freed


The Berbice engineer who was charged with the murder of his fiancé back in November, was on Wednesday set free by a Berbice magistrate after the prosecution failed to establish a case of murder.

Berbice engineer Neil Madramootoo, who was charged with the murder of his fiancé Ashmin Mahadeo, was on Wednesday set free by Magistrate Peter Huge.

Mahadeo of Williamsburg, Corentyne took her last breath on November 13, and Madramootoo who was initially charged with attempted murder was subsequently charged with murder after her passing.

Police Legal Adviser Mondel Moore prosecuted the case while Attorney at Law Nigel Hughes represented the accused.

Neil Madramootoo and now dead, Neil Madramootoo in happier times

The prosecution had been relying on a dying declaration together with some evidence in relation to a firearm found at Madramootoo’s home.

However, Hughes challenged the evidence that was represented by the prosecution stating that the prosecution built its case on circumstantial evidence while also challenging the prosecution’s reference to as a dying declaration.

As such, he made a no-case application which the court upheld and freed the 29-year-old resident of Shoe Lane in New Amsterdam.

Mahadeo took her last breath at the New Amsterdam Hospital one month after the shooting incident.

She was initially admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital but was transferred to New Amsterdam Hospital.

She was reportedly shot to the neck at her Williamsburg, Corentyne home on October 1, 2023. At the time of the shooting, the couple was packing items in Madramootoo’s company vehicle to be taken to Port Mourant.

It has been reported that the fiancé had initially told the woman’s relatives that he did not know what had transpired, and had even suggested that she was shot during a robbery.

He also said that he did not know where her cellphone was and also said that he could not locate his when investigators requested Madramootoo’s phone.

However, both phones were subsequently discovered in a vehicle that Madramootoo had access to.