“End the cuss-out culture” – Blue Caps launches voter education programme  

Blue CAPS Board Members

By Jomo Paul


IMG_00000232[www.inewsguyana.com] – With a mere 30 days remaining before General and Regional Elections, social change group Blue C.A.P.S has launched its voter education programmed dubbed “Keep it Clean – Vote 2015” as a part of its preparations for elections scheduled for May 11 in Guyana.

The voter education campaign aims to inform young persons of reasons why it is important for them to cast their ballots on elections day and urges political parties to end the “cuss out culture.”

The groups which has been very vocal on issues of national importance is urging that political Parties stay away from personal attacks on opposing politicians during the elections season. Blue Caps is reminding too that it is important for the said politicians to campaign on issues.

The voter education programme will be spanning several areas during its course and according to the coordinators it will be primarily based on social media given the groups lack of resources to take the show to mass media mediums such as television and radio.

The group also launched its “living” manifesto which includes a list of demands that politicians would be held to and hopefully strive to fulfill. 

Blue CAPS Board Members
Blue CAPS Board Members

Recently elected Blue Caps Chairman Michael Leonard noted that the group will be taking its manifesto to other groups around the country in a consultation effort that may see the demands growing within the document.

“We decided that we will take a proactive step and generate what we believe is an organic list of demands. A standard that we can hold our politicians accountable to…not just their promises but also things that came from youth groups, policy groups and other niche organisations,” said Leonard.

Leonard encouraged the public to peruse the manifesto and approach the group with any recommendations that the person may have and think should be included.

The groups manifesto builds on four pills including health, the economy, human rights.



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