Employees tied up as robbers cart off with $2M from Electronic store


Isaac’s Electronic located on the third floor of the Regent Multiplex Mall at the corners of Wellington and Regent Streets was robbed this morning around 9:30 hours by two men one of whom was armed with knife.

The men carted off with approximately $2M in cell phones, computers and other electronic items. At time of the robbery two employees were present. Kareem Maxell explained that one of the robbers came into the store to repair the phone, while the other robber was walking around inside the building.

According to Maxell, while fixing the phone, one of the armed men pounced on him and tried to stab him. Maxwell related that the robbers then tied them up with a rope, while they raided the store.

Meanwhile, owner of the store, Anthony Sarjoo blamed poor security for what happened. The man related that while the incident occurred, no security was guard was present.

He also noted that the surveillance system in the building is cheap since they were unable to recognize the men in the footage. Sarjoo said he will now have to take his company’s security into his own hands. Police arrived on the scene and carried out preliminary investigations. [Akash Ramlackhan]



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