Employees, customers robbed as armed bandits storm GuyOil gas station at Mahaica


Several employees and customers were on Wednesday afternoon robbed after three bandits armed with guns and a knife stormed the GuyOil Gas Station located at Track ‘E’, Good Hope, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

Among the victims is a 19-year-old pump attendant who was relieved of $160,000 in cash which is property of the gas station which is owned by a 44-year-old businessman of Good Hope.

A 20-year-old pump attendant was also robbed of $80,000 in cash which is also property of the gas station.

A 39-year-old bus driver on Mon Repos, ECD – who was at the gas station at the time – was robbed of US$400 in cash, G$18,000 in cash, his bus key, and two phones valued $300,000.

A 67-year-old man of Cove and John was robbed of $100,000 in cash and a phone valued $100,000 while a 44-year-old security guard was robbed of $10,000 in cash and a phone valued $45,000.

Meanwhile, a 44-year-old shopkeeper was robbed of the key to his canter.

At around 17:30h on the day in question, the two pump attendants were performing their duties when three armed and masked males entered the gas station, held onto the pump attendants and relieved them of the cash and other valuables.

Subsequently, the bandits entered the minibus with the passengers and held them at knife and gunpoint respectively, and relieved them of their valuables, before making good their escape to the western side of the gas station.

One person was arrested and is currently in police custody.