Emergency works ongoing by GPL to restore power following storm

Damages caused by the storm
Damages caused by the storm
Damages caused by the storm

[www.inewsguyana.com] – As a result of the storm on Sunday, June 28, which affected the coastal lands in Demerara and Berbice, GPL’s primary and secondary networks sustained extensive damages, according to a press release from the power company.

It was noted that while the major effect of the stormy weather was the uprooting/breaking of both primary and secondary poles, the network was also affected by roof sheets and trees falling onto it.

According to GPL, a total of 21 broken poles have been recorded in Demerara while Berbice has recorded 5 thus far; in addition GPL has also confirmed six precariously leaning poles in Demerara and one in Berbice.

“Consumers in the affected areas experienced outages and fluctuating voltage of varying durations while emergency crews continue to effect repairs to the network. Much success has been achieved since last evening as several communities were re-powered, owing to the strengthening of emergency services by almost triple the usual number,” GPL stated.

The power company received machinery support from the Management of Demerara Harbour Bridge, while the most critical confirmed report emanating in Berbice is a broken pole at Ithaca which supports a critical transmission line linking East and West Berbice thereby affecting East Berbice residents.

“The technical work required to replace this pole could not have been executed yesterday owing to the location of the pole and unfavorable weather conditions. However, works are ongoing and electricity should be restored by 18:00hrs today to those affected customers.”

Crews are currently working along the East Bank Demerara corridors replacing damaged line hardware and securing leaning poles and replacing broken ones. This too is likely to be completed by 18:0hrs today.

“Our approach to emergencies has been segmented into high risk and low risk for which we have distinct skilled crews to address same. Numerous crews are currently engaged in mopping up operations and addressing isolated cases where individual consumers may have had service interruption caused by the high winds while the very highly skilled crews are engaged in pole replanting and fixing damaged line hardware.”

If you are experiencing abnormal voltages, please power off your main switch and call the emergency hotlines: Berbice 333-2186; Demerara 225-4015 or 225-4016.



  1. Someone in authority needs to look into the electricity crisis In mabaruma reg1. We were getting 6 hours of electricity but for the past 4 days we are not getting any. Eventho we live in the interior location we still deserve to enjoy the same as persons in the coast.


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