Emboldened bandits rob businessman in front of Finance Ministry

A prominent business man was robbed of an undisclosed sum of cash earlier today as he was waiting on the Traffic Lights in front of the Ministry of Finance on Main Street, Georgetown. 
According to the Police ‘A’ Division, Second in Command- Superintendent Calvin Brutus, the incident occurred around mid-day, as the business man identified only as “Mr Hack” of East Coast Demerara had just left Republic Bank on Water Street, Georgetown and was heading home. 
Reports are that two men on a CG motor cycle drove alongside Hack’s Hilux motor car and, according to an eyewitness, the pillion rider dismounted and approached the front passenger’s side of the motor car and attempted to open the door.
However, when he realised it was locked, he whipped out his gun and fired one shot into the window, causing the glass to shatter.
He then quickly grabbed the bag containing a quantity of cash from Hack’s vehicle and hopped on to the motorcycle with his accomplice and rode away. No one was physically injured.
Inews understands that the ordeal lasted approximately 20 seconds. This robbery is just one of a series of robberies being executed by Bandits, who apparently are becoming more emboldened as crimes are being committed almost on a daily basis.
Police have since launched an investigation.


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