‘Embarrassed X2’ – Nagamootoo says “new life” needed for NCN


By Jomo Paul

NCN[www.inewsguyana.com] – “I am embarrassed twice,” were the words of Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo as he pointed out several of his concerns about the conditions of the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN).

Nagamootoo was at the time addressing a post Cabinet press briefing at the Ministry of the Presidency, where he pointed out that over the past several weeks, there have been several issues brought to his attention about NCN.

He said that these include the presence of uplink infrastructure lying dormant in the compound of NCN, which he deemed to be “criminal.”

According to Nagamootoo, the management and current leadership of NCN could be held accountable for the “massive recklessness” at the company.

He pointed out that in addition to the infrastructural issues, there have been instances where monies were given to NCN; those funds are now unaccounted for.

Going further into the cesspool, the Prime Minister indicated that he remains hopeful that some of the discrepancies would be addressed by the new Board. The bBoard was sworn in several weeks ago and is scheduled to have its first meeting on Thursday, October 22.

Asked if he would like to see the current CEO, Molly Hassan resign from the Company, the Prime Minister said he has an opinion on that but would not like to share it. He indicated that he would await any recommendations from the Board before making a pronouncement.

“The place has been badly managed… it needs new energy and new direction,” said the Prime Minister.

“I am embarrassed twice,” Nagamootoo said referring to the physical state of the company, adding “I asked my guard and my gardener to render some assistance to NCN.”



  1. LOL…Look who is ashamed. Is he ashamed of his fat pay increase and Cadillac lifestyle. This man has no shame. Let’s take a bet the CEO for NCN will be gone simply because she is Indo-Guyanese.

  2. Is that all you are embarrassed about?Do you even gave a conscious to differentiate good from evil ,write from wrong?Do you have any feeling of shame at all it seems you are numb .

  3. Hey i supported you guys but if you spent all your time witch hunting and not looking after the people dont be surprise if you loose the next election.You should focus on development i cant see any at the moment and your own people is suffering.Remember the people have something now to really compare they dont care who was theifing but a better way was there for them so try to impress the nation or you will be out the next election ok.

  4. Prime minister asked his guard and gardener to render some assistance to state media NCN. Why not use more gardeners to run the country? They can advise you guys to manage business and economy. Shame on you to utter such words.

  5. Moses, what about all them permanent secretaries that mismanaged them ministries. They should also be held accountable for all them sub standard work , overpayment etc. They should be fired already, but you cant touch them because they are all black, however i am sure you will fired the poor indian girl molly. Only indians getting fired and send on leave.

  6. Moses, aren’t you not also embarrassed about your “cadillac” salary on the “donkey cart” economy?
    Every single statement from you crooks I regard as acts of subterfuge.


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