Electricity woes pose challenge at Leguan Secondary School


computerLimited electricity supply on the Island of Leguan is preventing students at the secondary school from using their IT lab.

Deputy Chairman of the Leguan Interim Management Committee Sheik Inshan Ayub said the secondary school is in need of a generator.

He said the school has a fully furnished IT lab which is not being utilized, due to the limited power supply on the island.

Ayub said the island receives electricity during the after school hours – from 16:00 hours to8:00 hours the following day.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the IMC Albert James explained that in the past the island received electricity on a 24 hour basis.

However, the population declined, making it economically impossible for the 24 hour supply to be maintained.

The Essequibo Islands Secondary School in Sans Souci on Wakenaam is faced with the similar problem.

That school recently benefited from an IT lab with 50 computers.

But limited electricity supply has turned the lab into a white elephant