Electricity situation gets Govt. attention, GPL’s management summoned before cabinet


[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says it is cognizant of the inconvenience the recent spate of power outages has caused many Guyanese, especially during this festive season.

According to the ruling party it is not unreasonable for consumers to expect the provision of uninterrupted power supply, the need for which becomes exacerbated around this time.

As such, while the party calls on the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) to do its utmost to ensure that consumers are satisfied, it reiterates its consideration for the challenges faced by the entity.

Meanwhile, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon told reporters on Tuesday (December 24) that Cabinet meet with the Board and Senior Management of the utility company who assured that the fundamental problem was not an issue of generation, as has been the case historically.

He explained that the surges were mainly as a result of transmission and distribution (T&D) difficulties which arose subsequent to the commencement of the current rainy season.

He said the rainy season has exposed GPL’s T&D systems making it vulnerable and impacting negatively on the Guyana population.

Dr. Luncheon speaking on behalf of the power company reassured that everything will be done, that possibly can be done, to ensure that the situation is rectified. He further noted that T&D is now the primary focus of the company for the season.

Over the past few weeks the occurrence of power surges across the country has increased dramatically. GPL has since been blaming the weather for these occurrences. Citizens insist that more must and can be done to improve the supply of electricity.



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