Electrician fined for damaging car window


An East Bank Demerara (EBD) electrician today (Wednesday) received a fine after he admitted to damaging the car window of a man who he is accusing of attempting to run him down with his car.

Kevin Hamilton, 34, of 422 “A” Republic Park, East Bank Demerara (EBD) pleaded guilty with explanation to the charge of damage to property read to him by Magistrate Fabayo Azore.

That charge stated that he on October 2, 2017, at Carmichael Street, Georgetown he unlawfully damaged one car window valued $150,000.

The accused explained to the Court that on the day in question, he was attempting to drive into the parking lot of his place of employment but was prevented from doing so by a man standing guard at the lot.

Hamilton said that he was told that he cannot park there but knowing that random persons would usually park in the lot, he explained to the new guard that he worked at the company.

He added that he was still prevented from entering the lot and as such a tug of war ensued between himself and the guard.

He noted that in anger he left in order to avoid a further confrontation with the guard but later returned and exited his vehicle as someone else was attempting to enter the said parking lot.

He revealed that he was in the way of that person and as such the man drove his vehicle in a fast pace and in the process struck his foot causing him to receive injuries.

Hamilton relayed that in anger he hit the man’s car window which caused it to break.

The defendant further explained that he agreed to pay to have the damages fixed but could only afford $50,000 as opposed to the $165,000 being requested by the Virtual Complainant (VC).

As such the matter was reported to the Police and the defendant was arrested and charged.

Magistrate Azore fined Hamilton $75,000 or 8 months imprisonment if he fails to pay the fine.



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