Elections for oil: “I stand by my statements” – Ramsammy   

Dr Leslie Ramsammy at the protest on Monday [iNews Photo]

By Jomo Paul 

Dr Leslie Ramsammy at the protest on Monday [iNews Photo]
Dr Leslie Ramsammy at the protest on Monday [iNews Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – While the leadership of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has distanced itself from claims made by its member, former Agriculture Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy that international players assisted in rigging the elections because they wanted to get their hands on Guyana’s oil, he stands by his statements. 

In an article headlined, “Is oil now reason for rigged elections?” and posted on his Facebook page, Dr Ramsammy pointed out that in the vulgar haste to produce an early result Guyana may have been gifted, “with another government born out of fraud and rigging.” 

“We do not believe that these suspicious elections results, however, were merely out of expediency to obtain an early result. We believe that there was an unholy alliance to ensure Guyana gifted certain stakeholders with a government, not of, by and for the people, but for international stakeholders. We believe this to be the case because one or more of these international stakeholders is interested in Guyana’s oil deposits,” Ramsammy stated in the post. 

However when asked about Ramsammy’s utterances, Former President Donald Ramotar had said , “As far as I’m aware, Leslie was writing in his personal capacity. He was not writing on behalf of the PPP.” 

But the Former Minister is not having any of it and is sticking to his story.

“There was clearly collusion and I want to know why…and I am saying could it be oil? I stand by my statements,” said Ramsammy at a PPP protest on Monday. 

Ramsammy over the past weeks has taken to social media several times to ventilate his thoughts on the perceived rigging of the 2015 General and Regional elections.



  1. Yes GT!
    PEACE OUT! !!

  2. The WINNERS I
    MAKE A CHANGE !!!!!

  3. Sorry but if he worked so hard for the health sector why barrat want to travel to have medical check ups,,he also so brilliant he bought a spy laptop for a criminal,,,

  4. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!, Sir i stand with you too, now its clear that the elections were rigged and that the ABC countries had their hands in it, better yet the Americans are known for these kind of politics. look at the guy representing the US interest over here is one happy fellow because he knew what he did and now he bouncing around like he is the president saying what he want to see and what he want done. clear and evident failures were discovered at gecom , major failuers too and no one said any thing. systematically votes were being taking away from one party and added to a next when proof were presented the ABC turned their backs and sweep it under the mats, but let history show that every government the USA put in power turned out to be a huge mistake so lets see how much of our oil they will take and how far they will go.

  5. Lol @ Emile comment. Baseless allegations with no substantive proof or evidence. The same can’t be said of GECOM and the fake sop’s etc! I can assure you, if the forensic audit is done, elections in 2 years once more. Sad times ahead!

  6. Bobby, that’s not why the ABC countries are helping, they are helping to get rid of the plague that was wide spread in Guyana in the ppp, I’m sure if you were in their position you would of done worst, those people are not fit to lead they had a great opportunity and grasped at it, now look at the state the country is in would you of liked to continue living in Guyana the way they had it, the pilfering, killings, the condition of Georgetown, the bribes, they were like leaches like barnacles, I say good riddance. Ramsay my is supposed to be a smart man, but he’s lost his reasoning, oh its dementia please do excuse him.

  7. Dr. Ramsammy’s statement seems to be gaining more credence as the days go by. These countries protesting too much about the free and fairness about this obviously rigged election.

  8. I have attached a link below that will bring some reality why China affiliation in Guyana will have tremendous resistance with our current government…Clash of international powers is what will really decides or more to say already decided Guyana’s faith in term of any further economic development. I am currently writing an article in relation to the economics on the geopolitics surrounding Oil (resource) rich poor countries and resource curse commonly call Dutch disease. Even though poor economies such as Guyana and others struggle with the challenge of “Brain Drain”, it still requires the broader arena to come to realization or at least have the basic understanding of this national matter (inevitable escape from resource curse some will like to call it) rather than thinking this is a matter only for the economist to deal with.
    Please note the State is permanent be it what falls upon the nation (people) while the government is temporary (By the people for the people).
    Soon i finish this article i will post it up to this discussion.
    For now this documentary i have attached will provides a base, simply enough to comprehend when i will later upload the article i am working on.
    Racism or in other case ethnocentrism along with poor insights should not be beyond a shadow of a doubt for killing the Goose that lays the “Golden Egg” its rather the reality throughout economic history…

  9. Dr Ramsammy is one of the most outspoken and hardworking politician in the PPPC, but true leaders as such will never be recognized when working with a bunch of hypocrites….This man should of been PPPC presidential candidate rather than a bleedy hypocrite and failure (to note failed twice).
    Guyanese please note this is the man that worked hard to develop Guyana’s health sector (that the nation are proudly benefiting from) to what it was before to the point when they change him to another ministry (Agriculture) that all others failed to develop that is the Agriculture sector, he even tried to technologically develop the sugar industry in his term of office. I hope the PPPC recognizes this true brilliant leader that the party still has at their disposal rather than all the other bunch of hypocrites that over shadowing the true value of the PPPC….

  10. And to think Bloody Hands Spymaster is a Us citizen! Spymaster should be standing before a COI explaining his role with Roger Khan in the spy equipment and Phantom Squad sagas.

  11. There is a procedure for the full recount to take place, and it requires that the aggrieved party to present any evidence of skulduggery to Gecom. Failing that, the aggrieved party has to then await the official declaration of results to be gazetted then file a court petition based on a legal premise with which the court can then proceed. Without a legal basis, the court cannot approve a recount simply because the aggrieved party demands one.
    So, what is the legal basis for a full recount?

  12. Let say our forefathers were not smart or didn’t had any democratic rights to deal with this Anglo-Saxon Supremacy, but how even to today the offspring still not intelligent to deal with white supremacy? Where are our nation intellectuals collectively? or are they all sellouts?

  13. The only problem with the recount is that GECOM has already covered their tracks and only announced they would stand by their decision after they made sure the fake sop’s were discarded and wiped off their comptuters. I am also of the view that indeed there was collusion and it was done so for the oil! Guyana’s democracy has been infiltrated and a dishonest government put in place! What is in the dark shall come to light!! It’s not over!

  14. An ignorant statement from a bullheaded man. I can’t believe he was a minister of the former government. How many of those stupid people were wearing the title of minister, in that regime? It makes absolutely no sense what he said. Who wants Guyana’s oil?
    SORE LOSERS, trying to cover their embarrassment by blaming everything and and everyone for their defeat.

  15. Ramsammy is afraid of being jailed like his pardner in crime Roger Khan. The commissioner, CEO as well as the observers witnessed the counting of ballots, in addition the SOPs were verified with the various party’s SOPs including the PPPC own and it was the same. why should these professionals go and recount just to save these bastards from imminent justice for their crimes against the state & humanity? I realise that the PPP supportes would back this party no matter what atrocities they commit, if they talk against them they feel as if they are opposing them, so they would accept the trash from them. on the other hand no matter what the APNU/AFC do for them in unity & love they would still oppose them. that is the backwardness of theses people. they are the epitome of racism.

  16. Look at the pack of wolves ,they want to some oil money ,but they ain’t gona get any ,whenever there is a decline of righteousness and unrighteousness is on the rise then god intervene and make a change ,peepp is lawless wicked disrespectful for eg. Berry ramsaron manikchand rat deo danald duck ,cursing out going ambassador ,they became like raawan ,they are paying the price .they stink

  17. Hot Vibes, you can fool some of the people some of the times but you cannot fool all the people all of the times. What is it that the PPP party has done to be so confident that a recount will declare them the winner ? Times have changed and the Guyanese are tired of the shame and suffering bestowed upon them by the PPP, hence, the will of the people is what got the opposition on the side lines. Admitting that there is nothing wrong being an opposition but a party must conduct itself with dignity and respect the will of the people. Guyana has enough natural resources to take care of all Guyanese and not some. Why is there so much suffering of some and not the others. Big up to the new Government and it is my sincere hope that they represent all Guyanese (Afro and Indo) respectively. One people, one nation and one destiny.

  18. Hotvibes, I could tell from the way you write you are a meat head you should be glad the government has changed reason the way your crime Lord’s that were incharge may of ordered you killed there was nothing those clowns would not of done therefore if you have any brains think back on all the crimes the gangsters of the ppp did to Guyana you would not write a column any longer

  19. That was a master stroke by the collation. Imagine a poor collation outfoxed and rigged an election from the incumbent that controlled the treasury, media, Guysuco trucks, bribes and the bully pulpit from jagdeo. Well kudos to them. However this will not pass the smell test from a ten year old. Do you people think that the observers including your own poling observers were all into this? Then you deserve to loose. Do you know how silly you look? Do you really think that the overseas observers including former president Carter will taint their integrity? If so why and for what? Oil. The USA does not need oil. They are fracking and are about 100% self sufficient. Oil is on its way oil as a dominant economic resource. Guyana should hurry up and reap some money before the oil completely collapse. Please bow out gracefully. You really look bad.

  20. Definitely! Stand by your word. Nobody don’t like the truth you know. All of these fools here don’t realize what’s going on yet. A recount would shut up everyone once and for all. Come on Danger what are you afraid of? You all had enough time to fix the figures so what’s the reason for not giving the people a recount?

  21. If the PPP WON,there would have been no comment of election for oil from Poopy representitives.I am glad the Poopies are antagonizeing all the ABC members,They will soon lash out and antagonize others ,maybe even those who thought the Poopies actually respected them.People and Governments have long memories and there are elections every 5 years.I guess all the people and all the government’s that are offering to help the new government in their efforts to recover from the Poopies excesses and uber corruption, must be want a piece of the oil that may flow in 3 to 5 years..

  22. I agree all the POOPY PARTY CABAL should be jailed,especially those that have been in the party long enough to now and be part of the huge runnings .Jail them ,but only after a fair trial,and a little time in the genera remandl holding cell in Camp St.

  23. Who are we to say it was free and fair. Ramsammy is in the party long enough to know what he is saying and what he means. They should all be

  24. Vanessa you can shut your traps and open your eyes. You firstly use your brain before you engage your mouth.

  25. Firstly, If in your opinion the election was fair and the party that was declared the winner by whomsoever did the counting of the ballots, why is it they did want want to do a recount? May be there are some truth to their accusation. As I recall and I stand to be corrected, when the situation was reversed during the previous Guyana election, the PNC requested a recount and it was granted because the PPP/C were confident as they are again that they won the election this time around. They were not given the opportunity of fairness and fundamental legislative rights by Granger and his thugs. I therefore conclude that Granger and the rest of his group did not do justice to members of the PPP/C and the lingering doubts will always remain in the thoughts of the PPP/C and their supporters. Granger lack the confidence of the results and therefore did not insisted to have a recount. This is the first mistake of the many to come in the near future. First time in the history of any country with a population oF 3/4 million people that there are 3 vice presidents. I wonder who will be held responsible for their mistakes when held accountable?

  26. They need to be behind bars now. Then they will stop .This picketing exercise is a smokescreen to divert attention from the enormous amount of corruption that is being unearthed. Furthermore, the new administration needs to move quicker to jail these murderous thieves.

  27. SHOCK is what have them all gping rpund in circles, the criminals thought they were in power for life. Its a crying shame to all the millions that they stole from us, the law has to be swift and deal with these Thieves. They all should be made to pay back every cent they stole,these ppl RAPE Guyana,,

  28. The new government should get to the bottom of this man’s signature appearing on a document to allow a now convicted murderer and drugs lord sensitive spyware.

  29. Elections were free and fair in 1992,1997,2001,2006 2011 and 2015 even though the opposition complained before 2015 that there were certain irregularities the ppp called them thugs and bandits goocool boodhoo almost give the ppp 33 seats in 2011 if it wasn’t for the intervention of a commissioner who spotted the boodhoo devious behavior so ramsammy buzz off with your shit

  30. He is entitled to his opinion and if that’s what he thinks then so be it.
    Time will tell with Guyana.


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