Elderly woman killed after canter slams into her at Houston

Chitraykha Sankar

A Houston, East Bank Demerara family is now mourning the sudden death of their mother who was struck down on the Huston public road, a short distance from her home, in a Thursday morning accident.

Chitraykha Sankar

Dead is 71-year-old Chitraykha Sankar of Lot 61 Houston, who succumbed to her injuries.

Based on reports reaching INews, the mother of 7 was at the time returning home from a clinic appointment when she was struck down by a canter registered to the K&G Shipping company.

A family friend who witnessed the accident explained to this online publication that as the woman was crossing the road, the canter slammed into her, resulting in her being dragged under the motor vehicle. He said it was at this time that he began screaming.

“Well [she was] coming from the west side to the east side and she come up straight to the crossing down there and the truck was coming and the truck pick she up now and brace the wall with her, cyar she under the truck and I holla pon them, I start holla and seh stop, stop, stop,” the still shocked Ramnarace Sugrim, said.

He further explained that he made every attempt to assist the injured woman but his efforts were in vain.

The now deceased woman sustained several, visibly severe, injuries to her head and about her body.

This publication was told that following the accident, the driver of the vehicle was not empathetic nor was he helpful.  

A report of the fatal accident was subsequently lodged with the police.

Meanwhile, INews visited Sankar’s residence this morning, and the woman’s children and grandchildren still appeared to be in disbelief.

Nanda Sankar, daughter of the now dead woman, recalled the moment in which she received the news and explained what took place when she rushed to the scene.

“Well my neighbour come and bram the door and say my mother get in an accident so when I go out there, she was lying on the ground with blood all over her face…at the moment [she wasn’t dead]…a lot of people were [trying] to stop vehicles to take her to the hospital but nobody didn’t stop, no vehicle didn’t stopping,” the woman tearfully recounted.

Moreover, Sankar’s granddaughter explained the hassle she went through in the attempt to render assistance for her injured relative.

“She get a sudden death, like I cant believe. We ask many persons to give us [assistance] but no one give us, even a soldier. Two two soldier stop on the road and we ask and them drive away. Nobody aint give we assistance, nobody. The driver [of the canter] was behaving bad, he aint behave nice at all…he supposed to give us [some help] and he [didn’t]. He even curse up my husband,” she said.

During the course of the interview with the family of the deceased woman, police arrived at the scene of the incident, with the driver of the canter in tow.

The elderly woman reportedly succumbed to her injuries at the scene of the accident.

Investigations are ongoing.(Ramona Luthi)



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